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Welcome to Catherine Carrigan’s Media Page

Catherine Carrigan does a medical intuitive reading of White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon on Maxine Taylor‘s Youtube channel.

My dear friend Suzanne Dulin, owner at Heart+Mind Yoga and the Sadhana Catalog and Community, has asked me to present a FREE streaming online seminar on how to run a successful business as a holistic entrepreneur.

For more information, please read:



Catherine Carrigan does a medical intuitive reading of Donald Trump on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017, four days after the inauguration of our 45th president with Maxine Taylor.

Join Catherine Carrigan as she discusses her sixth book, What Is Social Media Today, Get Ready to Win the Game of Social Mediawith host Maxine Taylor.



Join Catherine Carrigan on Shed the Bitch Radio with Bernadette Boas as she discusses how to use your intuition to get ahead in business.

Listen to the podcast at this link.


Join Catherine Carrigan on Blunt Talk Podcast with host Gino Arcaro as she discusses how to succeed through failing, the importance of learning how to love and the top three ways to market yourself in today’s crowded marketplace.

Listen to the podcast at this link.


Join Catherine Carrigan on  The Optimum Human with hosts  Brian McKay and Klaud Petrulis as they discuss overcoming illness, the five different bodies, healing depression without drugs, being an author, and energy arts like Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

Listen to the podcast at this link.


Join Catherine Carrigan on Nothing Off Limits podcast with host Michelle Anne Owens as they discuss Catherine’s most recent Amazon No. 1 bestseller Unlimited Intuition Now. 

Read the blog at this link.

Listen to the podcast on iTunes at this link. 

Catherine is interviewed by Tom Owens from the Zone Show


Tapping into Unlimited Intuition


Join Amazon No. 1 best selling author Catherine Carrigan on The Zone Show with author and meditation expert Tom Evans as they discuss her latest bestseller Unlimited Intuition Now.

You can listen for FREE by clicking on this link.

What you’ll learn:

  • What exactly is a medical intuitive healer?
  • Are intuitives born or nurtured?
  • Why intuition is unlimited
  • Why the time is Now
  • How to avoid overwhelm and overload from unlimited intuition
  • The four primary dramas
  • Seeing angels operating on the Earth Plane
  • How to open the box of miracles
  • The missing operator’s manual to access the sixth senses
  • How to cruise on the spiritual highway
  • Working towards an end to pain

To find out how you can access Unlimited Intuition Now, click on this link to listen for FREE.

Listen to Catherine Carrigan on Nothing Off Limits podcast with Michelle Ann Owens.

Click on this link to listen for FREE in iTunes. Please click on Episode 2.

Join Amazon No. 1 best selling author Catherine Carrigan on the Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio.

Host Yara Ghrewati discusses Banish the Blues NowCatherine’s third Amazon No. 1 best seller.


You can listen to the recording of the podcast for FREE on the Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio at this link.

What you will learn:

  • How to banish your blues for good
  • How to take advantage of natural healing remedies for depression
  • How psychiatric medications affect us – both individually and culturally
  • How psychiatric medications affect your brain development
  • Why you may be better off getting to the root cause
  • Fantastic holistic resources available now to make you feel better

The Natural Healing show invites listeners to discover the world of natural living and healing shared by the knowledge of different therapists, yogis, healers, professionals, teachers and indigenous cultures from around the world.

Host Yara Ghrewati is a survival and bush craft instructor, photographer, expedition leader, belly dance teacher and radio presenter.

Yara spent time living in the jungles of South East Asia with remote tribal communities and learned about plant medicine in the Amazon rainforest. She has been playing the didgeridoo for 14 years and learned to circular breathe in the jungles of Borneo.

“It is in the rain forest where I became fascinated with indigenous knowledge of survival and medicinal plants,” Yara says. “I have always had a strong interest in natural healing and have worked within the field advising others on various natural healing therapies. I completed my Reiki 2 practitioner course and am certificate in Indian Head Massage.”

Yara Ghrewati hosts a public Natural Healing group on Facebook  that you are welcome to join. This group includes natural healing practitioners from all over the world who discuss how you can benefit from holistic alternative medicine, food healing and natural supplements.

After the show has broadcast, you are welcome to listen to Yara and Catherine at your convenience at this link.

Maxine Taylor Radio Show – Move into the Magic

Published on Feb 8, 2016

Maxine Taylor’s interview with #1 best-selling author, Catherine Carrigan, on the Co-Creator Radio Network on August 31, 2015.

Published on Jan 16, 2016
Maxine Taylor interviews Catherine Carrigan about her newest book, Unlimited Intuition Now.

Medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan appeared as a guest on Maxine Taylor’s radio show Move Into The Magic on Monday, August 31, 2015. Listen to the Interview and learn how to Banish the Blues Now 

Listen to the August 31, 2015 Audio Interview below:

Medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan appeared as a guest on Maxine Taylor’s radio show Move Into The Magic on Monday, Feb. 2, 2015. They discussed Catherine’s new Amazon No. 1 best seller Unlimited Energy Now.

Listen to the May 13, 2015 Audio Interview below:


You can find out more by visiting:

In the radio show, you will learn:

  • Why you can never maintain great energy as long as you are hanging on to victim mentality.
  • How to be a vibrational match for what you really want to attract in your life.
  • How adrenal burnout makes it harder for you to lose weight.
  • How to stop giving your power away.
  • How you may be giving your energy away to other people without even recognizing it.

Maxine Taylor is a pioneer in the field of astrology. She began her astrological studies in 1966. In 1968, she became Georgia’s first licensed astrologer. In 1969, she had a bill introduced into the Georgia General Assembly to legalize astrology in Atlanta. In 1970, the bill passed, and was signed into law by the governor. Maxine spearheaded the establishment of the Atlanta Board of Astrology Examiners. In 1977, she opened the first astrology office in Atlanta. In 1979, she learned how to identify hidden parental messages in the natal chart. She learned how to release this programming, and began sharing the technique with clients in private sessions and workshops. In 2003, she was ordained as a trans-denominational minister, and in 2005, she became a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. In 2007, she included Matrix Energetics as one of her healing modalities. Today, she practices Star Matrix, her own unique healing technique.

A pioneer in her field since 1968, Maxine gained international fame as CNN’s on-air astrologer when the cable news network first launched. She has appeared numerous times in the media, including an appearance on the legendary Larry King Show and interviews in the Wall Street Journal. In additional to her “stellar” accomplishments, Maxine is an ordained minister, energy healer, best-selling author, teacher and lecturer. For more information about Maxine or her services, please visit her website at

If you are unable to join the show live, be sure to tune in to the podcast at your convenience by clicking on these links:

If you would like to win a FREE copy, sign up now for the giveaway of Unlimited Energy Now at The giveaway on Goodreads at this link.

Catherine has the ability to get to the heart of the matter and figure out what will actually work to make you radiantly healthy.

Interview on Charlotte View

This interview was on Feb 5th, 2016.

How to Open your Intuition by Catherine Carrigan.

Charlotte View proudly presents No.1 Amazon Bestselling Author, Catherine Carrigan with the topic: How to Open your Intuition ~ as explained in her books: “What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health,  and Happiness”, “Unlimited Energy Now”, “Unlimited Intuition Now”, “Banish The Blues”,

Click here to listen to the interview


Interview with Michael Neeley

What is medical intuitive healing? Podcast with Michael Neeley available for FREE on iTunes. Download this FREE podcast about medical intuitive healing for FREE at this link.

You can learn about medical intuitive healing by listening to a FREE podcast with Catherine Carrigan on Consciously Speaking with Michael Neeley.

You can download the podcast for FREE at this link.

Catherine Carrigan is a medical intuitive healer and Amazon No. 1 best selling author. Her book What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness discusses medical intuitive healing. Her recent best seller, Unlimited Energy Now, explains how you can have more vitality.

Michael Neeley, host of Consciously Speaking, hosts his daily podcast to provide you with insights on how to live with more integrity, work with greater passion, and lead an extraordinary life. He is the author of the upcoming book, The Art of Forgetting, which you can order at this link.

You can subscribe to Consciously Speaking at this link.

In this 47-minute podcast, you can learn:

  • What is medical intuitive healing
  • How you can benefit from a medical intuitive reading
  • The gift of claircognizance, or psychic knowing
  • What is healing
  • How taking better care of yourself can raise your life energy
  • How alternative health practitioners can work together with traditional medical doctors
  • How to put together a plan that will work for you on all levels to make you happier and healthier
  • What are the key emotions that are holding you back from health and happiness
  • Why clearing emotions is essential for your complete healing
  • What are the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back
  • How spiritual practices raise our life energy and make us healthier and happier
  • Why nutrition is crucial for total healing
  • What is kinesiology and how hand modes can direct you to the resources that will make you better
  • My menu or natural healing methods
  • How we are so blessed to have both traditional and alternative medicine
  • How natural healing methods empower us by giving us the tools to feel better on all levels
  • Who is the major influence for my work
  • What is consciousness
  • What raises your vibration and what drops your vibration
  • Why I choose to share my vision of the beauty of the world through photographs of orchids and my organic garden

You can download this podcast from iTunes to listen on your smart phone, on your computer or at your leisure. The podcast is FREE and available now to download at this link.


Audio Interview with Catherine Carrigan by host Michael Neeley

LISTEN about how to heal depression without drugs, an interview with Catherine Carrigan about her new book Banish the Blues Now with host Michael Neeley on Consciously Speaking.


Interview by Yara Yagga

How To Have Unlimited Energy Now with Yara Yagga Yo on The Natural Healing Show – UK Health Radio. Listen for FREE at this link.


Interview by Charlie Poznek

Catherine Carrigan appeared on The Boomer Business Owner with Charlie Poznek. Listen to the podcast for FREE at this link.

What you’ll learn in the podcast with Charlie Poznek:

  • How to identify the underlying cause of your physical problems
  • Catherine’s #1 secret for creating and selling profitable coaching programs
  • How medical intuitive healing works (and how it can work for you)
  • How to use SEO and social media to increase your Google ranking and Klout score
  • “Don’t let other people drink your milkshake”


Interview by Cabrini and Salvatore Greco

Catherine Carrigan appeared on Creative Consciousness Radio with Cabrini and Salvatore Greco on May 28, 2015

You can listen to the podcast for FREE at this link.


Webinar on “How Important is Social Media?”




Radio Interview

You can listen to Catherine Carrigan on Vibrant Living Radio Show with Glenn Brooks and Michael J. Russ on Friday, Jan. 16, 2015. Click the Play triangle to begin playing the interview.


You can listen to Catherine Carrigan as a guest on Maxine Taylor’s radio show Move Into The Magic. The show was originally broadcast on Monday, Jan. 5, at 9 p.m. EST. The topic: Catherine’s new Amazon No. 1 best seller Unlimited Energy Now.

You can find out more by visiting:


You can listen to Catherine Carrigan on the Natural Healing Radio Show as she discusses medical intuition and natural healing with host Yara Ghrewati. You can listen to the radio show at this link.

Rama on Writing Interviews Catherine

To watch the video full screen just click the small 4 arrow icon just to the left of the Vimeo label on the lower right-hand corner.

To get out of the full screen view, just press the “Esc” key on your keyboard

Interview by Rama from Rama on Writing for the Book Banish The Blues NOW



Rev. Beverly Molander interviews Catherine

Rev. Beverly Molander interviewed me for her radio show: “Affirmative Prayer: Activating The Power of Yes.”

You can listen to the show LIVE by visiting Unity Affirmative Prayer or listen to the archive at your convenience at the same link, Unity Affirmative Prayer.

We’ll be talking about my new book, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness (Atlanta: Total Fitness, 2013), that just went to No. 1 in two categories on No. 1 in Medicine & Psychology and No. 1 in Alternative Medicine Reference Books.


Listen to a radio interview with Catherine

Catherine was interviewed by Maxine Taylor on “Move into the Magic” recorded on May 13, 2013.

Click on this link to visit the Co-Creator Radio Network and listen to Catherine’s interview.

  • From there just click on the “listen” link to listen to the interview. Or click on the “download” link to download the interview.

Download the Interview

You can download the MP3 version of the interview here.

  • For PC Users: You may need to Right-Click and select Save Link As… to be able to download.
  • For MAC Users: You may need to press Ctrl Key and mouse click to be able to download.

Listen to a radio interview with Catherine

Catherine was interviewed by Jean Adrienne on Contact Radio.

Listen to Jean Adrienne’s interview with Catherine by visiting this link:

Catherine was interviewed by Jean Adrienne on Awakening Zone Radio.



Get the Book Catherine Talks About During Interview

Visit Catherine’s Web Store at Unlimited Energy Now to have your own copy of the book.


Brendon Anderson Davis, California

Hello Catherine,

I very much enjoyed your contribution to Maxine Taylor’s radio show.  That particular interview was one of those discussions that the audience absolutely needs to listen to, many times, to extrapolate the massive amount of content that is embedded in your message.  I found your message to be very profound as it delves into the complexities and interrelations of the human condition and the role this plays in the physical, emotional, energetic/spiritual realms of existence that, in totality, is a mystery to the general population at large.  Well, maybe not for too much longer.  LOL!  Obviously, the quote represents only a sliver of the entirety of your message.


I am looking forward to reading your book.


Thanks again!

Aug. 18, 2013

Talk at Unity Church of the Mountains,, in Blairsville, Georgia, followed by a workshop, “How To Read Your Own Body.”

Sept. 5, 2013

Radio interview with Tom Matt, 8 p.m. EST on Thursday, Sept. 5 “Healing, Health and Happiness,” an interview about how you can be happier in your life. You can listen to the archive of the radio for FREE at

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