Once you understand that healing is all about shifting your predominant vibration, you may want to ask yourself:

“How can I shift my own vibration?”

Yes, you can use natural healing remedies or visit your doctor, but a better question may be:

“If depression, fatigue and chronic illness is all about slowed-down vibration, what do I need to do to shift my vibration upwards?”

Here are a few ideas, not necessarily in any order:

  1. Laugh out loud
  2. Do a dance
  3. Call a friend
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Tell a joke
  6. Clean your house
  7. Give away your old clothes
  8. Walk in nature
  9. Meditate
  10. Go to church, a synagogue or a spiritual group
  11. Say you are sorry and mean it
  12. Cry and let the energy out
  13. Journal
  14. Have sex
  15. Play with your dog
  16. Pet your kitten
  17. Garden
  18. Feed the birds
  19. Help out someone less fortunate than you
  20. Use flower essences
  21. Make fresh juice
  22. Do yogic breathing exercises
  23. Stand up with great posture
  24. Sit up straight
  25. Take a nap
  26. Sit in the sunshine
  27. Avoid angry, argumentative people
  28. Walk along a beach
  29. Go on vacation
  30. Draw, paint or sculpt
  31. Make a healthy  meal
  32. Say thank you
  33. Make a gratitude list
  34. Put on clean clothes that match
  35. Listen to music
  36. Exercise
  37. Pray
  38. Ask for guidance
  39. Clean your desk
  40. Bless your food
  41. Drink more water
  42. Avoid sugar, alcohol and tobacco
  43. Hug someone
  44. Stretch your muscles
  45. Take a new route home
  46. Bless everything that’s happening, even the so-called “bad” stuff
  47. Make a new friend
  48. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure
  49. Eat fresh food every 2 to 3 hours to keep your blood sugar balanced
  50. Use a minitrampoline to get your lymph system moving
  51. Paint a room a fresh new color
  52. Pay your bills and get your finances in order
  53. Stair at the moon and stars
  54. Go to bed by 10:30 every night
  55. Surround yourself with fresh flowers
  56. Join a new group
  57. Dive into a lake
  58. Massage your feet
  59. Take your unused possessions to Goodwill
  60. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  61. Wash your car
  62. Go to the top of a mountain and admire the view
  63. Look inside a sea shell
  64. Listen to the sound of the birds
  65. Talk to your angels
  66. Sing along to the radio
  67. Sigh deeply
  68. Groan
  69. Roll up the windows of your car and shout until you aren’t angry any more
  70. Beat a pillow
  71. Turn off the internet and actually talk to someone in person
  72. Get a new job
  73. Learn a new skill
  74. Play a musical instrument
  75. Use homeopathy
  76. Feng shui your house
  77. Bless your food
  78. Take a hot bath
  79. Recycle
  80. Go for a drive in the country
  81. Take a shower and visualize the water clearing your energy field
  82. Write a letter to someone in a nursing home
  83. Drink green tea
  84. Have a healthy snack at 4 p.m.
  85. Forgive yourself
  86. Let go of the habit of trying to be perfect
  87. Walk in the rain with a rain jacket, hat and umbrella
  88. Play with little children
  89. Talk to your inner child
  90. Brush your hair and put on lipstick
  91. Get a new haircut
  92. Do one thing silly every day just for fun
  93. Go home from work on time
  94. Let someone get in front of you in a long line
  95. Actually drive the speed limit
  96. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I love you”
  97. Tell someone else “I love you”
  98. Make a list of all the great qualities you possess
  99. Turn off the TV
  100. Smile!