As a medical intuitive healer, I’m often asked to identify the hidden sources of illness and recommend effective natural healing to get you better.

It’s my experience that by the time you feel physically unwell, the vibration of your disease has been in your energy field for some time.

Often you have become disconnected from your body, mind or soul.

This disconnection has resulted in fatigue, overweight, depression, anxiety, pain and all manner of suffering.

Your overall life energy has diminished.

You’ve given your power away.

You think your doctor, your job, your money or other people are actually in charge.

Often you feel overwhelmed, fearful, unsure which steps to take to start making improvements.

You can visit doctor after doctor with no diagnosis, no clear lab test results and apparently nowhere to turn.

If this sounds like you, keep reading, you are my normal client!

I get to the bottom of all manner of complications and empower you to feel better using natural healing.

You can motivate yourself to feel better by inquiring into your eight basic core drives: Meaning, Empowerment, Social Pressure, Unpredictability, Avoidance, Scarcity, Ownership and Accomplishment.

These eight core drives were identified by Yu-kai Chou, creator of the Octalysis Framework and author of Actionable Gamification. 

Never thought of your health as a game?

You are a human, not a machine of mere blood and bone, and by harnessing your core motivations you can transform your entire life.

Take your well-being to the next level by asking yourself the following questions:


  1. What’s the deeper meaning behind what I’m feeling right now?
  2. If my body was trying to give me a message, what would it be?


3. What skill or skills do I need to master to feel better?

4. How can I take my power back from others so that I feel 100 percent responsibility for my recovery process?


5. Who in my life has been asking/suggesting/begging/hinting for me to take better care of myself?

6. If I take better care of my health, who in addition to myself will benefit the most?


7. What’s going on in my body, mind or spirit that feels out of my control?

8. What’s going on in my life that feels out of my control?


9. How can I avoid wasting time and money on my healing process?

10. If I could have it all my way, what would I most like to avoid?


11. How much time do I really have to get well?

12. How much money do I really have to improve my health?


13. Do I really expect other people to take care of my health for me?

14. Do I take as good care of my body as I do my car, my home and/or my job?


15. How can I reward myself for doing the inner work to recover fully?

16. How will I feel when I’m radiantly healthy?

What is healing? Healing happens when you reconnect your body, mind and soul by inquiring what’s going on at your deepest levels.

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