At the end of 2021, I asked for guidance about the year we are now living in, 2022.

Not wanting to alarm anyone, I did not write about what I saw. 

Although change is the only true constant, I was told that the rate of change in 2022 would be so rapid that ordinary humans would have trouble keeping up.

It is my nature to want to uplift, to nurture, to reassure, to point the way even in the darkest moments.

When I do my medical intuitive readings these days, I notice many people feel they are living on such a knife edge that I do my best to be especially careful in how I communicate.

Here are 3 strategies for coping with profound change that I have found especially useful.

  1. Get grounded. Even if the earth itself feels as if it’s shaking, when you are grounded, you can sway, you can bend, but you won’t fall over. 

As a yoga teacher for the past 27 years, I find the need for balance work more pressing than ever before.

Can you quite literally connect your energy to the earth?

Can you get out of your head and feel your feet?

Can you feel the energy you are made of and relax into it?

What it looks like to get grounded:

Spend as much time in nature as possible


Unplug from your devices and take time just to be 

Feel your feet

Walk barefoot on the grass

Especially if you live in a concrete jungle, find time to enjoy local green spaces 

Slow your personal energy to feel the heart beat of the earth 

Take time for what the Japanese describe as forest bathing, spending time in the presence of trees. You can watch an interview I did about forest bathing at this link

Even if you don’t have a garden, watch a flower grow on your window sill, observing subtle changes 

2. Connect to the divine. When life is changing so rapidly, the old rules may no longer apply. 

How can you know the right choices for you? 

By establishing and maintaining a daily connection to the divine, you can be guided and supported by a Higher Power.

Can you set aside what you think you know to discover what actually works in this moment?

If you are not sure the old ways appear to be falling away can you yield to the divine wisdom of it all?

Can you humble yourself to follow the still, quiet voice within?

What is looks like to connect to the divine:

Daily meditation practice – you can follow my Meditation for Global Healing at this link


Follow the directions for Source Connection at this link


Attend a church, synagogue or mosque to experience spiritual community

Learn to talk to your angels. You can see photographs of my angels at this link

Ask for spiritual guidance before making any major decision

Create spiritual family with like-minded friends

Participate in a spiritual community 

Do what you are guided to do even if other people disapprove or tell you that you’re wrong or crazy 

Trust the wisdom within

3. Shine your light however you can shine it. This afternoon I was listening to a client with severe degenerative brain disease. He told me he felt weighed down by the world. Another client suffering from chronic depression asked me what he could do about what he perceives as evil, chaos and destruction. 

Yet another client, a teenager, asked me how she could help her friend suffering from an eating disorder.

I may not be able to discover the cure for cancer, end the war in Ukraine or stop the torture and maiming of innocent civilians, but I can do what I can to uplift everyone around me.

Can you give yourself permission to recognize the importance of your own spiritual purpose no matter how insignificant you perceive yourself to be?

Can you see how the smallest glimmer of light may provide a flash of clarity for others to guide their next steps?

Can you recognize that trying to fix, mend, cure, solve or stop other people or the world’s problems is simply exhausting, you can’t do it anyway, it’s not your job, you didn’t cause it, you can’t cure it, you can’t change it but by being the best you that you can be, you discover the light within yourself through which others can see truth, sanity, hope and/or a way out?

What does it look like to shine your light?

Focus on your own happiness

Do whatever it takes to raise your own vibration so that others can resonate with your uplifted state

Do what you alone are guided to do without comparing yourself to others

Put on your own oxygen mask first 

Be kind no matter what 

Realize other people’s pain is often not visible to the naked eye so be gentle

Figure out what you need to do, be or have to show up as your best self

Do your own inner work as you can only take others as far as you have gone yourself

Be a good friend


Stop the habit of judging others

Forgive as quickly as you are able

Clean up your corner of the universe to the best of your ability – your garden may be the only safe spot in the neighborhood for the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds

Love others despite their many obvious flaws

Give from your soul, whether that be wisdom, time, compassion, presence or money, knowing that whatever resources you have been blessed with, you can’t take it with you when you’re gone

Practice seeing your own inner light – it’s there, in the center of your heart

When I do hands-on energy healing, I use this prayer:

I invoke the light of the Christ within.

I am a clear and perfect channel.

Love and light are my guides.

Sometimes I practice this in meditation as well, seeing the light in my heart and each energy center until I can clearly visualize my own light body.

In this state, I feel ecstatic and calm at the same time.

What is healing? Healing happens when you navigate rapid change by staying grounded, connecting to the divine and shining your own inner light.

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