There are four primary illusions that keep you from feeling happy:

  1. That there is something wrong with you.
  2. That you are not good enough.
  3. That there isn’t enough.
  4. That life is difficult.

You can discover your own definition for happiness by breaking through the illusions that have kept you from seeing exactly what this is.

Illusion No. 1. There’s something wrong with you. 

Throughout your life, you may have bought into the idea that there is something wrong with you.

In kinesiology, this is called “buy in” because someone somewhere has a thought or belief about the way things are supposed to be and you have quite literally “bought into” their programming.

This begins the moment we are born when we are weighed and measured.

Too big. Too small.

Too heavy, not heavy enough.

In grade school, the measurement continues.

A, B, C, D or F.

Satisfactory. Unsatisfactory. Incomplete.

In teenage years, the competition becomes quite fierce.

You have the cool clothes, the rad hair, the right attitude. Or not.

When you see it for what it is, it’s downright animalistic.

Survive or be eaten.

And the messages continue as we open up magazines, turn on the internet and absorb all the images of what we are supposed to look like, be like, feel like, earn, create, buy, sell and belong to.

What messages have you received about what is wrong with you?

Who told you so?

And finally, is that exactly true?

If you look at these messages quite carefully, most of these messages came from:

  • Your parents
  • Your peers
  • Your professors
  • Your priests
  • Your politicians

The thing of it is, when you examine these messages, do you really want to be part of their tribe anyway?

Even if you do long to belong, who made them in charge of your happiness?

Take your power back by turning down the volume on these messages that there is something wrong with you.

Go into your own inner truth.

What if God created you exactly as you are to be, exactly perfect, precisely with all the resources you need to fulfill your spiritual mission on earth.

What if there is nothing actually wrong with you?

What if you are a radiant, beautiful soul and everybody else is too?

If just for a moment, you can break through the illusion there is something wrong with you a ray of sunshine can filter into your heart.

What brings me to illusion number 2.

Illusion No. 2. You are not good enough.

Personally, I feel that every human would benefit from a healing to clear the belief that you are not good enough.

I did such a healing just this morning.

If you buy in to the idea that there’s something wrong with you, then by definition you aren’t quite good enough.

You could be taller, shorter, fatter, thinner, richer, poorer, better looking, less good looking, have matriculated from a better school, not be such a smarty pants, have more friends, more money, a bigger house, a more powerful car, more social media connections, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

I admit that I myself don’t know everything, but one thing that I actually do know for a fact is that if you are reading this article you are by definition good enough.

How could I make such an outrageous comment?

Because I know for a fact that you are meant to be you in this lifetime – not anybody else.

If God had wanted to create somebody else, he already did.

You are meant to offer your very specific vibration.

Your vibration is like your own fingerprint – unlike any other vibration of any other of the 7 billion humans currently on earth.

When you realize you are meant to be you – completely 100 percent predestined to be you in this lifetime – you can get a little curious about that.

Who are you exactly?

What are your specific dreams, goals, desires?

You can definitely be a better version of yourself or a less fully expressed version of yourself but admit it, give it up, the chances of you being anybody else this time around on the merry go round of life are exactly zero.

You are already good enough.

You won the first race of the life-long event because you got the privilege of being born.


You are you.

The more you revel in your you-ness the more likely you are to be happy happy happy.

Which brings me to illusion number 3.

Illusion No. 3. There isn’t enough.

Be honest. Complete the sentence:

There isn’t enough:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Opportunity
  • Men
  • Women
  • Good stuff that you want to go around.
  • Etc. etc. etc.

Let’s take this stinking thinking apart bit by bit.

If you Google “how much money is there on earth?” once you add and subtract it all up, that’s around $75 trillion.

In other words, it’s so much money, you couldn’t possibly count it all up (and I’m not saying there’s something wrong with you that you couldn’t do this OR that you aren’t good enough to do it – I’m saying it’s utterly ridiculous).

Nobody really knows how much time you have left in your lifetime. You won’t know until the day you actually fall out of a tree, have a heart attack, get hit by a bus or whatever method your soul chooses to make your exit stage left.

Your opportunity will not be my opportunity because your soul is set on a path to do something very specific in this lifetime.

I’m here to do something totally different.

If I look at how many available men or women there are in the United States, the best estimate is something around 321.4 million, and presumably half of those would be men and the other half would be women. To say that there is a shortage of people is utterly absurd.

When you boil it all down, if you hold the belief that there is a shortage of good stuff that you want, you are holding a belief in your mind that is making you unhappy.

But once you realize it’s just a BELIEF, not a FACT, you can change your belief and thereby change your experience.

What if you started believing that all your needs and wants are satisfied?

What if you started thinking that there is plenty of all the good stuff to go around for everybody, including you?

Which brings me to illusion number 4.

Illusion No. 4.  Life is difficult.

If you really believe that there’s something wrong with you, that you aren’t good enough and that there’s not enough good stuff to go around for everybody, especially you, then more than likely you are going to believe and experience that your life is difficult.

I always like to say that the largest cult in the world is the cult of difficult.

What if your life were in fact actually easy?

When you break through these other illusions, you can begin to enjoy a totally different experience.

And when you come to the cult of difficult, you really have to ask yourself, “Do I like participating in such a difficult experience?”

How do you know if you are participating in the cult of difficult?

  • You think it’s hard to earn money.
  • You think there’s not enough time to do what you are here to do.
  • You think all the good opportunities go to other people, who of course have nothing wrong with them because they are better than you (inside your head).
  • You think that all the good stuff is hard to get or hard to keep hold of.
  • You have to work really hard and struggle struggle struggle for every ounce of happiness you allow yourself to experience.

If you recognize that you have in fact been a card-carrying member of the cult of difficult, how do you get out of the cult?

You may need to stop brainwashing yourself.

You may have to examine the creed and rewrite the rules you have been living by.

Maybe if you are so totally brainwashed, dyed in the wool and have been such a devoted card-carrying member of the cult of difficult for so long you may need help deprogramming yourself.

If this is the case, call today to set up an appointment with me. You can call 678-612-8816 or email Part of the work I do is identify and clear the beliefs that have been holding you back from actually feeling happy.

It’s easy!

Or at least that’s the way I  think because when I do I feel happier, I get more done and I have an entirely improved experience.

What is healing?

Healing happens when you break through the illusions that have kept you from feeling truly happy.