Yesterday I was speaking with a graduate of a university-level energy healing program.

Although she had been taught about acupuncture meridians, chakras, Kirlian photography, qi gong and the layers of the energy field, she wanted to know how she had not been taught how to practice energy healing without giving away her personal chi.

“I was taught just to raise my vibration as high as possible,” she explained to me.

But she recognized she is high in clairsentience, or psychic feeling. You can read more about clairsentience in this article I wrote at this link.

As she was getting ready to practice energy healing in a cancer ward, she wasn’t sure she could trust the instruction she had received.

Although I only have 26 years full time experience in natural healing and no university degree other than my B.A. from Brown University where I graduated Phi Beta Kappa, I have studied natural healing all over the world.

Here are 6 common mistakes that energy healers make that either affect their own health and well being or their ability to effect profound change in their clients:

One. Failing to clear the energy in the room. We frequently forget that our environment is the most powerful factor in our well-being. I am always explaining that I could take my most beautiful orchids, leave them in the dark without watering them and eventually they would die. When you practice energy healing you must first clear the energy in the room. The lady I spoke with was a registered nurse. People die every day in hospitals, not to mention the constant presence of the frequencies of all different kinds of disease. Even if you don’t practice energy healing in a hospital, here’s a list of just some of the kinds of frequencies that may adversely affect your healing work:

  • Negative spiritual energies
  • Souls who have recently passed over (a common occurrence in hospitals or at the scenes of emergencies)
  • Emotional turmoil energies
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Geopathic stress, a very broad category that includes both natural and man-made interference
  • Poor Feng shui
  • Mold
  • High humidity
  • Disease

You can read more about geopathic stress and how it affects our energy system at this article I wrote at this link.

Here’s how I clear energy in a room.

With my dominant hand (I happen to be right handed), I point to the corners of the room where I will be practicing energy healing and make a counterclockwise motion.

Then I say a prayer:

Heavenly Father,

I call on the forces of nature to converge to balance all detrimental energies and increase all beneficial energies for the benefit of all living beings in this (room, house, etc.). I ask that this be done in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

You must clear the energy before every client.

In fact, clearing the energy in the room is the very first thing I do when I practice any form of energy healing.

Even if you are not an energy healer you can use this prayer to clear the energy of any room where you live, work or visit so that you and everybody there can prosper.

Two. Failing to protect your own energy. I remember years ago listening to a woman who had just learned Reiki.

“I just put my hands on them and everybody gets better,” I recall her bragging.

“Yea,” I thought to myself, “that’s because you are taking on all their stuff.”

If you want to practice energy healing without getting either A sick or B drained, you would do well to understand the second law of thermodynamics, which basically states that energy flows from highest to lowest potential.

If you are a healer, more than likely you are going to be healthier than your clients.

Simply raising your vibration to the highest frequency possible – through meditation, qi gong, yoga, prayer, joyfulness and other very important practices – will not work to protect you at all times.

All disease is simply slowed down vibration.

If you have ever been in a nursing home, you will know exactly what I mean.

The energy in a nursing home is so slowed down you may feel you have been there for 3 hours when you have only spent 10 minutes there.

There are many important and effective methods of protecting your energy but here’s one of the most ways I use.

I never put my hands on anybody unless I am wearing purple bracelets on both wrists.

That’s because the color purple cuts off the intake of detrimental energy.

In fact, my purple bracelets are such an important part of my healing uniform, if you will, I keep a pile of purple bracelets in my healing room.

If you don’t protect your energy – if you think all it takes is simply raising your own vibration – you might do well to ride around with AAA for a day watching guys use jumper cables to restart dead batteries.

If you practice energy healing this way, trust me at the end of the day you will wonder why your organic food, yoga and self care don’t seem to be working for you.

Do you really want to be a jumper cable?

Do you really want to take on cancer, depression, pain and suffering?

Three. Not getting your own shadow out of the way. Everybody has a shadow, including you. As must as you pray, as much as you plan to serve God for the highest good of all, you can really only do that if you are guided by your soul and not the negative aspects of your own ego.

You can read more about the shadow and how it gets in the way at this article I wrote at this link.

A simple way to get your shadow out of the way is to draw a circle on your left temple next to your left eyebrow.

Draw the small circle in that soft spot and then draw an X through it.

This is an energy clearing technique to set your shadow out of the way.

One of the unfortunate aspects of your shadow that may get in the way is the need to be right.

You may think you know a lot, but no matter how much I know I can never know as much as God.

When I do my work in a prayerful way, allowing myself to be guided by Divine Intelligence, the results for my clients is so much better.

Four. Not forming an energy circuit when you perform energy healing. If you put one hand on your client, you are not forming a complete energy circuit.

If you put only one hand on a sick person, your energy will be drained so quickly you may not even realize what happened.

This is back to the jumper cable analogy.

You simply direct your hard-earned chi into the client.

And there is always a finite amount of your own personal chi.

I always explain to my clients that I am not getting fresh with them but that I must form an energy circuit by keeping two points of contact or I get drained.

You form a circuit by keeping two points of contact – say one hand and one knee touching the client, or two hands.

Five. Not praying to channel energy from a higher source. I remember when I studied Thai yoga body therapy from multiple teachers, they all said that if you have said the prayer you have performed the healing.

When I practice Reiki, I say this prayer:

Heavenly Father, I call on all my Reiki masters and all of my spiritual guides and I call on all of (name of client’s) spiritual guides. I ask that this Reiki healing energy flow through me now at the highest frequency that is beneficial to me and to (name of client). I ask that this be done in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

I usually say this prayer as I am drawing my Reiki symbols in my hands.

While I am practicing my energy healing – i.e. when I have my hands on a client – I usually repeat silently to myself:

I invoke the light of the Christ within.

I am a clear and perfect channel.

Love and light are my guides.

By repeating these prayers and this mantra, I allow myself to channel high frequency healing energy – not my own personal chi.

Unlimited Intuition Now

Unlimited Intuition Now

Six. Not understanding your own psychic gifts. When you pray and work at this level as I have described, you will in fact be receiving actual help from angels.

Some years ago – I can’t even tell you exactly when – I began to notice that whenever I practiced energy healing I would literally see in my mind’s eye a group of angels put my client on a table in heaven.

As I keep my hands on the client on the earthly plane, the angels simultaneously practice energy healing on the client in the heavenly realm.

When you start receiving assistance at this level you will want to able to understand the information you are receiving.

I never tell my angels what to do – I literally just watch in my mind’s eye as they practice healing in another dimension.

You can read an article I wrote describing what I see when I practice energy healing with my angels at this link.

There are four primary psychic gifts – claircognizance, or psychic knowing, which is my primary gift; clairsentience, or psychic feeling, which is the gift that most energy healers use to feel the energy; clairvoyance, or psychic vision; and finally clairaudience, which is psychic hearing.

You can learn about these gifts by reading my book or listening to the audiobook version of Unlimited Intuition Nowone of my 9 published books.

Because everybody receives guidance from  your soul, you will want to understand how your soul communicated with you so that you understand the difference between spiritual guidance, acquired knowledge and ego wanting to be right.

In 26 years of natural healing, believe me, I have made all these mistakes myself. I’ve taken on pain, karma, illness and negative emotions – all major mistakes that I learned from at the time and do not wish to repeat.

What is healing? Healing happens when you as a healer show up and get your ego out of the way, allowing yourself to be a channel of Divine Light and Love for the highest good of all.

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