This afternoon, I cleared the energy in a house.

It was a gift to two friends of mine. They had recently bought a house they were very very excited about.

I had told them that if they got the house, that I would bless it for them.

I felt that the house needed to have the energy cleared for many reasons.

For one, it had gone into foreclosure. The previous owners had been forced out.

Secondly, the house backs up to a cemetery.

It is a beautiful home, built in the 1880s. About 5,000 square feet, it’s a comfortable mix of grandiosity and comfort.


I met my friend the owner and we traveled there together.

He owns about five other homes, and had recently remarried, so this is their first home that they have bought together. I adore his new wife, who is perfect for him. I want this home to be a place of peace, joy, love and laughter.


First, when I got there, I cleared the energy.

You can clear energy with a prayer.

You move your arm counterclockwise to remove energy while praying:
Heavenly Father, I call on the forces of nature to converge to balance all detrimental energies and increase all beneficial energies in this home/room/office for the benefit of all living beings, and I ask that this be done in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Then I infused Reiki healing energy into every room. While moving my arm clockwise to infuse energy, I prayed,

Heavenly Father, I call on my Reiki masters and all my spiritual guides to infuse Reiki healing energy in this room/home for the benefit of (my friends) and all living beings who come here, and I ask that this home be blessed with love, joy, peace, excellent health, tranquility, abundance and prosperity. I ask that this be done in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


After clearing the energy in every room and infusing Reiki into every room, I went to every doorway to the outside and I asked that angels come and guard the home, so that nothing comes in and nothing goes out except unconditional love.


If nothing came into your home except unconditional love, and nothing went out of your home except unconditional love, you would be in very good shape.


Then I took out my dowsing rods. These are two rods, very tricky. You have to hold them very carefully to keep the metal ends from falling out. You hold the ends of the dowsing rods and then ask for guidance.


I asked to locate any remaining detrimental energies.


Sometimes, in a home, it’s not necessarily anything evil. Maybe someone got into an argument standing in a certain spot, or there is an underground stream. Or microwave energy. Or the energy from an electrical circuit that’s not flowing quite properly.


I used my dowsing rods to locate all the remaining detrimental energies and then I cleared those energies using prayers.


Dowsing really demonstrates the power of prayer because if you locate the spots, pray over them, and then dowse the area again, you will no longer find any detrimental energies.


Our prayers are powerful, our thoughts are creative, our intentions can last for centuries.


After dowsing the inside of the home, I then went to the outside of the property. I dowsed the property and repeated the same process as I did on the inside.


Then I said a prayer, called in my spiritual guides and Reiki masters, and put the energy of a mountain at the back of the property. That was so there would be the energy of a mountain between their property and the cemetery.


A few hawks flew by as I was doing my work.


The entire process took about 1.5 hours.


Meanwhile, workmen were repairing floors and friends were dropping by to see the work that was being done. The only thing really critical, I advised my friend, was to have the ducts cleaned and to put a dehumidifier in his basement.


I was happy to bless my friends’ home because I believe our homes should be a little bit of heaven.