This weekend, in case you were wondering why I wasn’t adding to my blog yesterday, I wrote nearly 36,000 words and finished the first draft of my second book, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power For Health And Happiness.

This is a HUGE personal accomplishment.

My last book was published 15 years ago.

Since then, I have done a few things or two, of course, including running a radio show for 2 1/4 years, but getting back into my writing I credit to the work of Tom Bird, writing coach extraordinaire.

My friend Patrice Dickey had encouraged me to work with Tom.

“This is right up your alley, Catherine,” Patrice had said to me. “This is intuitive writing.”

Yesterday I wrote nearly 21,000 words – apparently 6,o00 more words than any of the other 25 writers attending Tom’s workshop here in Atlanta this weekend.

Who would know? We all had our heads down, everyone pounding away on their computers or scribbling madly on giant lineless notepads.

I would say that I was writing as fast as I would actually read a book.

Tom’s premise is that you write as fast as possible in order to shut off the left brain. In this way, you literally write from the depths of your heart and soul.

Literally 100 percent of the writers who have attended Tom’s workshops this year have finished a book in a weekend.

Tom came up to me this morning and told me I was soon to finish my book.

“After lunch,” he said.

Apparently he is very intuitive about endings.

Somewhere around 3:30, my writing just stopped.

Even though I had been writing around 800 words every 15 minutes, everything just came to a dead halt.

I went up to Tom and asked his advice.

“Go for a walk,” he told me.

I went for a walk and came back.

“Keep writing,” was his advice.

I started writing and all of a sudden I realized I was writing my ending.

As I wrote, the tears started streaming down my face. Then I was actually sobbing.

My word count dropped because I was crying so much.

Even I was moved by the words that I was writing.

Tom Bird’s assistant, Rama, came over and brought me a box of Kleenex.

Another woman in the group told me later that she wanted to come over and comfort me, but she did not want to interrupt my process.

At the end of the day, Tom said to me, “You wrote nearly 36,000 words this weekend. That’s impressive.”

Here is a hint: I wrote a book about my work as a medical intuitive.

There’s lots more work to do, of course. Now comes the work of revising and editing and eventually publishing. Stay tuned!

Thank you, Tom Bird. Thank you Rama! Thank you all my readers.

My heart is full of gratitude at the moment.