This year, in 2019, I’m offering something I’ve never created before: a year of healing. 

Each month I’ll be writing about specific topics that my clients commonly come to me to resolve. 

You can read along at or sign up for a year of healing, for which I’ll be offering a special discount for those who commit to making this their best year ever. 

Each month I’ll do a medical intuitive reading to identify the top 5 steps you can take to move forward in each of the following areas: 

January: Discover Your Soul’s Purpose. The most profound way you can be truly happy in life is to discover what your soul yearns to do in this lifetime. You may be physically healthy and enjoy a good income but have you connected with your soul’s purpose? Many people confuse their soul’s purpose with finding their ideal career. Sometimes these can be linked but your soul purpose is way deeper and far more rewarding than any money you will ever earn. Read the article, What Does Your Soul Long to Do?, at this link.

February: Open Your Heart. Is your heart open or closed? Have you healed your broken heart? As human beings, we go through a series of losses and life challenges often so extreme they break our heart. The emotional and spiritual heartbreak we go through may shut us down to the love and joy that’s actually constantly available to us and can even lead to heart disease. Read the article, How to Tell If Your Heart is Open or Closed, at this link.

March: Detoxify Your Mind and Body. Clutter in your home, worry and obsessive thoughts in your mind and toxins in your body may be congesting your energy. As you release what holds you back you can think more clearly, lose weight and radiate better health. Read the article, Three Powerful Ways to Detoxify Your Life Right Now, at this link.

April: Spring Forward. After discovering your soul’s purpose, opening your heart and detoxifying your mind and body you’re ready to make a quantum leap forward. You could go in any of 100 directions but which steps will pay off best for you? Read the article, Source Connection: A Method to Connect Every Part of You to the Divine, at this link.

May: Increase Your Personal Energy. You may have worked so hard in the past you burned out your adrenal glands, leading to a damaged metabolism and degenerative diseases of aging. Learn how to heal your adrenals and increase your personal chi. Clear the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks to enjoying sustained energy in your life. Read the article, Secrets of a Medical Intuitive: Your Personal Energy Inventory, at this link.

June: Let the Sun Shine In. We can only live in the light when we recognize our shadow. Bring the light of awareness to your shadow self, the aspect of your ego that sabotages your best efforts. Stop allowing your shadow to be in charge and give your higher self permission to lead the way. Read the article, How to Keep the Shadow from Ruining Your Life, at this link.

July: Improve Your Relationship with Yourself. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. All the other relationships in your life are based on how good a relationship you maintain with your true self. Stop the patterns of feeling like a victim, not being present with yourself, bullying yourself or wearing yourself down with endless, know-it-all questions about your past mistakes. Give yourself permission to form a truly loving relationship with who you really are. Read the article, Do You Have a Healthy Relationship with Your True Self? at this link.

August: Center and Focus Your Mind. Your mind is your most powerful muscle. As you learn to center and focus, you can direct your mind like a laser to attract, manifest and create the life you love to live. Read the article, How to Focus Your Mind to Create the Life You Love.

September: Release Cellular Toxins Through Your Emotions. Few people are aware how the emotions they feel on an ongoing basis turn on their genetic predisposition for pain and illness. In Chinese medicine, fall is the time when your lung and large intestine meridians are most active. This is a time to let go of negativity. Read the article Do You Need an Emotional Detox? 

October: Create a Life Outside the Box. The only way to be truly happy is to live by your own values. As you come to understand yourself better, you can create a life that fulfills your needs and wants. Read the article How to Create a Life Outside the Box.

November: Create Your Spiritual Family. You may never have had the mother, father, brothers or sisters you really wanted. The inner turmoil you experience from constant conflicts with your biological family may be tearing you apart. But you can learn to create a spiritual family of like-minded souls. Read the article How to Create a Spiritual Family. 

December: Learn How to Handle Being an Extremely Sensitive Person. I explain to all my clients that being extremely sensitive is like owning a Ferrari. You can get in trouble in a hurry if you don’t know how to drive. On the other hand, when you learn how to manage your extreme sensitivity you can use your discernment to be deeply guided for all that exists for your highest good. Read the article 17 Ways to Handle Being an Extremely Sensitive Person.

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What is healing? Healing happens when you commit to being the best you can be.