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Catherine Carrigan - AuthorI have the ability to get to the heart of the matter and figure out what will actually work to make you radiantly healthy.

Hi, my name is Catherine Carrigan.

I am a medical intuitive healer, Amazon No. 1 bestselling author and host of The Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio.

The average person who comes to see me has seen at least seven other practitioners – medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, chiropractors, shamans, homeopaths, physiotherapists, nutritionists, herbalists, acupuncturists – you name it.

I offer a comprehensive system that begins with figuring out what is actually going on with you and then putting together a personalized plan that empowers you to achieve levels of health that you may not have even thought possible.

I do not need to see you or put my hands on you to know what is wrong or what will make you better.

I have a passion for healing, and I can teach you how to become healthy using natural methods, including the very best of therapeutic exercise, nutrition and energy medicine.

Catherine Carrigan

Catherine Carrigan, medical intuitive healer, Amazon number 1 bestselling author and host of the Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio, September 2020, age 61.

If you have been wanting to become healthier and happier, contact me today at 678-612-8816 or by email for a FREE 15 minute consult. If you are outside the U.S. please send a message to the same number via WhatsApp as that is the only medium through which I return international long distance phone calls. We can discuss how holistic alternative medicine, spiritual healing and natural healing remedies can make a difference in your life.


Peach Colored Silk Shawl From India

Training in Fitness

  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer: A.C.E. certified in Personal Fitness Training.
  • Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiologist Practitioner (C.H.E.K.  Practitioner), Level I:  Chek Institute.
  • Certified Group Exercise Instructor: A.C.E. certified in Group Exercise.
  • A.C.E. Specialty Recognitions: Strength training and  Mind-Body Fitness.
  • Exercise Coach,  Chek Institute.
  • Certified Yoga Teacher: 500-hour Yoga Teacher through Lighten Up Yoga. Six 200-hour certifications through Integrative Yoga Therapy, the White Lotus Foundation, and the Atlanta Yoga Fellowship, Lighten Up Yoga and Erich Schiffmann teacher training, twice.
  • Practitioner of Qi Gong, Chinese martial arts.
  • Certified Older Adult Fitness Trainer through the American Institute of Fitness Educators.


Turn Body And Look Up At The Moon, Qi Gong Exercise

Training in Nutrition

  • Food Healing Level II Faciltator
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach, though the Chek Institute, Level 3.
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist through the American Aerobics Assocation International/International Sports Medicine Association.
  • Author, Healing Depression: A Holistic Guide (New York: Marlowe and Co., 1999), a book discussing nutrition and lifestyle to heal depression without drugs.
  • Schwarzbein Practitioner though Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, M.D., expert in balancing hormones naturally.


Reclining Butterfly

Training in Healing

  • Specialized Kinesiology.
  • Brain Gym, Vision Circles and Brain Organization instructor through the Educational Kinesiology Foundation.
  • Touch for Health.
  • Thai Yoga Body Therapy.
  • Flower Essence Practitioner.
  • Reiki Master Teacher, Usui tradition. Holy Fire II Reiki ART/Master.
  • Life Coach through Sue Maes’ Mastering Your Knowledge Mentorship Program and Peak Potentials.
  • Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology/TEK.
  • Medical Intuitive Readings and Quantum Healing.


Catherine Being Instructed In Headstand By Lillah Schwarz

Other Training

Catherine Carrigan, Medical Intuitive Healer and Amazon No. 1 Bestselling Author

Catherine Carrigan, Medical Intuitive Healer and Amazon No. 1 Bestselling Author

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Sessions available in person, by phone, Zoom video conference, Skype or WhatsApp.


Number 1 Amazon Best Seller In TWO Categories!

The Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio with Co-Host Catherine Carrigan

The Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio with Co-Host Catherine Carrigan


  1. I am interested in a session with Catherine. Could you let me know availability and fees? Thank you.

    • Hi Dawn, Thank you so much for reaching out to me! You can contact me at or call 678-612-8816. If you are outside the U.S. please contact me via WhatsApp to avoid long distance international phone charges. I charge $200 US per hour or $750 for five one-hour sessions. Please let me know how I can serve you best! Catherine

  2. Hi, do you serve people outside of the US? I would like a consultation. Also, is it usually 1 hour per session?

    • Hi Claudia, Yes, I work with clients all over the world via phone, Skype or videoconference. My Skype is catherinecarrigan all lower case all one word. Let me know when you would like to schedule something. Please email me at

  3. My original reason for contacting you was to see if you are aware of any Obesity Medicine Specialist that might be interested in Job opportunities with our client Beaumont Health up in the Metro Detroit area? My second question involves Parkinson’s. I was diagnosed about 11 years ago – I’m 55 now. I’m actually about 10 lbs lighter than I should be. Please let me know if you have experience with Parkinson’s. Thanks Jim

    • Hi Jim,Yes, I have just worked recently with two clients who have been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. I am so sorry you are facing that diagnosis at the moment! I don’t know of any Obesity Medicine Specialists in the Metro Detroit area. That is a very important field nationwide and I am glad you are looking for qualified people who can be of service. Thank you so much for reading my blog! Love and light, Catherine Carrigan

  4. Hi Catherine,
    I read one of your articles about social media on Linkedin. Thanks for the great info. I like what you are doing and you have great ideas and energy. I like to connect with great thought leaders! Hope to keep in touch. Have a great day!

    • Dear Heidi, Thank you so much for reading my blog! I am a great believer in win-win thinking and very much appreciate connecting with like-minded people. Please let me know how I can support you in your endeavors. Many other wonderful authors share their insights here so please let me know if you would like to cross blog. Love and light, Catherine Carrigan

      • Until I found this I thhguot I’d have to spend the day inside.

  5. Hello Catherine,

    I recently listened to your interview on Michael Neeley’s podcast Consciously Speaking. I purchased your book Unlimited Intuition Now and David Hawkins Power vs Force. I listened to this podcast three times within two days and feel compelled to listen many more times and to read these books. I’d love to talk to you in the not too distant future. Right now…I am digesting this information I have received from you. I will also explore your blog a little today. I’m so excited to hear of you. Thanks so much for your service to others. I have really been considering how my life is going and where I would like it to go. I believe you may be able to guide me in my own quest. Like you I want to serve and I do to a certain extent…I can do more though and my service essentially would be with humans and their horses, but, for now I just wanted to reach out to you. My heart literally skipped a beat listening to you! 🙂

    • Dear Heidi, Thank you so much for reading my blog, listening to the podcast and reading my books. I am so glad this information has inspired YOU! It is always so heartwarming when we connect with like-minded souls. I offer a FREE 15 minute consult so whenever feels right for you, send me an email at or call my cell 678-612-8816 and I’ll get back to you as my schedule permits. One of the three ways to be happy in life is to find meaning in our lives.I’m glad that your soul is leading you in this direction, to discover the deeper meaning in all you are, in all you have and in all that you do. Love and light, Catherine Carrigan

  6. Hello Catherine,I just finished watching the readings you gave for Steve Bannon and Donald trump For Macine Taylor’s program. I have been obsessed since the election with concern over the energies of these two and what they are creating. I found Macine’s program while looking for a little objectivity and to get myself off the news loop.I’ve studied and used astrology all mylife to help myself gain that birds eye view of my life lessons and purpose. But this year it different.I seem unable to shake a deep sense of foreboding and powerlessness.I am grateful that I found both you and Macine tonight. Listening to your readings brought me some much needed objectivity.But even more importantly I realized that I need to look at the imbalance that allows me to be so effected by what is happening in the world today that it hurts my health. I will be contacting you for a reading soon. Thanks for your gift and your willingness to serve. Love and light to you.

    • Dear Meridith, Thank you so much for watching my readings about Steve Bannon and Donald Trump. When we are able to look at other people as human beings and separate ourselves from our personal opinions, we can develop perspective. The political environment has been so filled with hatred, despair and anxiety. We need to take our personal power back and recognize that we create our own well being. I choose to create health, happiness, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and prosperity where ever I go. My dear friend Maxine Taylor shares my passion for providing hope in a world that really needs to be uplifted. Sending you love and light, Catherine Carrigan

  7. Hiya
    I’ve been recently diagnosed with a SIBO. Are you able to recommend any supplements? I’m in the UL.

    • Dear Greta, I’m sorry you have been diagnosed with SIBO. To answer your question, yes. When I work with clients, I discuss a wide range of solutions including natural healing remedies for your body as well as steps you can take on the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to resolve the issue. So many of my new clients are suffering from digestive disorders and my recommendations also include discussions about food, including what your body needs to avoid as well as foods that will help you heal your gut. Love and light, Catherine Carrigan

  8. The further I read, the more the greater your material is.

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