This morning, I wrote the acknowledgments for my book, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness:

I appreciate all the people whose love and support made this book possible: my partner, Ken Holmes; my writing support team, Tom Bird, Ramajon, Greg Keesey, Katimay Harkins and Thomas Hill; and my coaches Sue Maes, Ruth Upchurch and Shyamala Strack. Thank you for believing in me.

My partner Ken Holmes, has been with me since his divorce was finalized in January 2012. We have both been through a lot and given up a tremendous amount in order to be together.

A friend told me about two years about the great writing coach Tom Bird. I had so much to fix and clean up in my life at that time that I wasn’t quite yet ready, but in October 2012, Tom Bird helped me write my second book.

Tom’s assistant Ramajon is the most kind, helpful, caring person you could ever hope for. He is always upbeat, and always at the other end of the line to answer a question.

I was intimidated to have to recreate not just one but two websites and also to have to start formatting my own newsletter. My webmaster Greg Keesey not only is great at computers he has the wonderful talent of also being a great communicator. From the moment I began working with Greg, I knew I was going to be able to master the technical aspects with his help.

Katimay Harkins was the first editor to read my manuscript in its entirety. As a fellow intuitive, she understood what I was saying and encouraged me.

Thomas Hill took the entire book to a whole new level by challenging me to add another 20,000 words. He held my feet to the fire and made me explain more, elaborate more and in doing so he drew out an even more powerful message.

Sue Maes has been my coach for so long, I know I can count on her penetrating insight on any subject. Sue is my mentor and about the best friend anybody could ever hope for.

If it weren’t for Ruth Upchurch, my accountant, I could not have written the book at all. Ruth has my accounts so squared away that my mind is at ease and I know I can move ahead with confidence.

Shyamala Strack is the cranial sacral therapist who has kept my stress under control throughout my process. She even made snacks for me to take to my writing retreat and has helped me to see just how far I have come in this process and in my life. She helps me to use my full brain potential in a relaxed way.

I have been working on the formatted proofs of my book, which is roughly about 330 pages at this point.

I absolutely love it and can’t wait until it gets published!