As a medical intuitive healer, one of the many things that I do is empower my clients to release the blocks, congestion, resistance or interference to you being the best you can be.

For most humans, this is actually a somewhat complicated process.

Common roadblocks include:

  • Not feeling “good enough.” Personally, I feel every human should receive a healing to clear this common belief.
  • There is something “wrong” with you. Although this seems like it would fall under “not good enough,” feeling that something is “wrong” with you is a common message we receive in childhood and gets further aggravated by all the common labels that people receive over the years (i.e., learning disability, fat, stupid, sick, all medical diagnoses). After all, when was the last time you felt tall enough, rich enough, smart enough, talented enough, coordinated enough, well read enough, well educated enough, privileged enough, etc. etc. etc. etc.
  • Psychological reversal. Part of you wants to be successful, the other part of your brain wants to lie on the couch, take a nap, recover from all the stress and trauma, eat key lime pie or watch a movie. You have to get both sides of your brain on track if you really want to succeed.
  • Stuck in old trauma that your nervous system does not have the resources to release. This week, I saw a client who used to run a day care center. To this day, she has not gotten over the fact that a baby died while in her care even though the parents both told her she was forgiven. Even if you know you SHOULD let go, if you CAN’T let go, your energy gets stuck in the past and you are unable to move forwards.
  • “I can’t” thinking. “I can’t succeed/be thin/be healthy/be wealthy/get ahead,” etc. etc. etc. As they say, if you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t.
  • Fear of success. What if you actually made it? Then what? What would other people think? Would people take your money, take pot shots at you, be jealous, feel threatened? What if you did all that work and it wasn’t worth it anyway? The idea is that deep down you think something bad might happen if you actually got ahead in life.
  • Addiction to misery. Some people are so addicted to feeling miserable that even if they get a little relief they will simply find a way to make themselves feel bad again.
  • Feeling like you have to be different. You are here to be you in this lifetime, not anybody else, so you might as well get used to it! A daffodil doesn’t brood that it isn’t a rose. It’s just happy being yellow and blooming once a year in the spring.

These are just some of the common issues I identify in medical intuitive readings and clear with all my clients.

Personally, I take great solace by studying flowers.

I have flowers in my organic garden, orchids in my studio and whenever I go for my walks, I am forever taking photographs with my iPhone camera as I am continually amazed at the beauty all around us, quietly shining even when we aren’t paying much attention.

One of the things I have discovered is that most people are greatly healed by flowers.

Yes, I use flower essences from all over the world in my healing practice and just had the privilege of making my first flower essence from the orchid Paphiopedilum Haynaldianum currently blooming in my studio.

Whether its flower essences or the presence of actual flora, this is the key message of flowers:



When you watch flowers so carefully as I do – observing the opening and closing, rising and falling that occurs naturally in my garden – what you discover is that one blossom doesn’t mind if the others around it are equally astonishing.

No flower holds the other back.

All an orchid does is find the way to the light and inspire everyone.

And truly, that is all we have to do.

In spite of our own inner conflicts – many so deep we may never truly understand, heal or overcome half of it – all we really have to do is discover our own inner beauty and radiate that everywhere.

All you really have to do is shine.