“It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

Matthew 4:4

I always say God only needs to hit us over the head when we are not paying attention.

In March 2015, I heard quite clearly, “It’s time for a change. Your old life is over.”

This guidance came out of the blue, unbidden, unasked for.

Sometimes we pray for insight, other times we simply get told what to do.

Warned, alerted, whatever!

Somehow you get the message: “Detour ahead. Lane change, please adjust your speed.”

The old life that spirit seemed to be referring to was my life in Atlanta, Georgia, that I loved with my whole heart: the house I had lived in for 17 years. My organic garden that thrilled me with every season. The orchids that filled the studio where I did my healing work. My yoga classes, my friends, my clients.

There was nothing wrong with any of it. Nothing!

In fact, I had made it all fit my whole self like my most comfortable pair of rhinestone-covered sandals.

But I heard the voice, and I listened.

Unbeknownst to me, my fiancé had been looking online at houses in Trinity, Florida.

One Monday he came to me full of excitement.

“I saw this house,” he said.

I looked at the pictures online – nothing special to me. But I saw his enthusiasm and knew in my heart that it was important for us to go down and look that very weekend.

I rearranged my schedule and as of Friday morning we found ourselves driving eight hours to a place I had only visited once before.

I knew virtually nothing about where we were going to look to buy a house other than it was a retirement community with a golf course somewhere north of Tampa, Florida.

It turned out the house that Ken first admired came and went off the market in 24 hours.

No matter.

I was told specifically to go that particular weekend.

Saturday morning we met with a realtor and looked at two bargain houses Ken had found ahead of time, but at the last minute the realtor showed us a house that had just been listed the day Ken and I drove down.

Sunday morning we came back with a couple who had lived in the neighborhood five years.

“This is the prettiest house we have seen in the whole development,” they told us. “You could look every day for a year and never find something like this.”

The husband encouraged my Ken to make a move.

Another couple was scheduled to come and look at the house 30 minutes after us.

“If you don’t make an offer right now, you’ll lose the house in 30 minutes,” Ken’s friend advised him.

“This would be like drawing a winning hand at the poker table and folding up and walking away.”

Ken wavered, but I knew.

Between Ken’s friend and my urging, we were on the way to the realtor’s office and made the offer.

Turns out my guidance was right!

Ken and I love our new home. Not only does it enjoy a spectacular view, the neighbors are famous for their friendliness and we felt at home right away. Nearly every evening we take our dog Belle in a golf cart to admire the deer, the birds and the wildlife. We found ourselves living in a defacto wildlife sanctuary!

For sure, Ken and I both had our moments after initially buying the house and before moving in where we questioned our own judgment.

But I have trained myself to know that the louder spirit speaks, the more important it is for me to listen.

I no longer wait for the bulldozer of fate to come rolling over my peaceful existence. I get up and get a move on when I see it coming!

What is it that spirit is urging you to do right now?

Even if your life is already perfect, what small steps into the unknown are you being urged to take?

How can you gain the confidence to trust your inner voice?

As you learn to listen to your soul, you can build that trust step by step by learning how your intuition works, how your soul speaks to you and through what mode of communication you most easily receive your soul messages.