One of my clients is a great artist.

That is Claire Vohman of

By great artist, I mean she has quite a vision. She has a very very unique brain profile, which means she sees the world in ways that most of us never would or could, and she has a great sense of humor, which means that she is a really fun client for me to work with.

I have been helping Claire get ready for the Mart, which is a big retail event in Atlanta.

I personally have never been to the Mart, but I have heard all about it.

Vendors of all kinds get a booth at the Mart to sell their wares and people who own stores come around and place orders for their shops.

I have been helping Claire get organized so she can be a big success, which she deserves to be.

I was telling her one day that she needs a very left-brain oriented, super organized type of individual to come with her to the Mart to help her take orders.

The person I had in mind, who is tall, blond, beautiful and brilliant, happens to be unavailable, so somehow it came to be that I am going with her to the Mart.


I am not tall, I am not blond and I am certainly not left-brain dominant.


Whenever I personally have to deal with matters of accounting, I lean heavily on the calculator on my iPhone and add everything twice as I am terrified of making a mistake one way or the other. It’s just not my strength, though I do try.


At any rate, Claire has seen many of the photographs I have taken of the angels in my studio.

One day as she and I were discussing what she should be selling at the Mart, Claire said to me, “Catherine, you should sell angel cards.”


I had no intention of doing so, and being that this is yet another of the items that fall into the very large category of “NOT my talent in life,” I asked Claire to help me create the angel cards. I would supply the photographs, I suggested, and she could do the art and the graphics.


But Claire was busy.


My attempts to pawn this creative project onto her fell on deaf ears as she was staying up all night sewing her quilts, pillows and T-shirts and organizing her magnets, cards and pictures for sale at the Mart.


She suggested that I do it.


But then I got busy and so on and I didn’t think the project would ever actually get done.


I thought I could just procrastinate my way out of the situation.


But then on Sunday I got an email from Vistaprint.


Claire had suggested that I make the cards at a local photography shop, but given that I didn’t know where the shop actually was, I used that as an excuse not to go and not to do the project. But then I got that email about the online printing company.


“Great,” I thought, “I don’t actually have to go to a store.”


So I put the cards together as best I could online and bowed to the inevitable and had to pay for rush three-day shipping to get the cards delivered in time for the Mart.


The cards actually arrived today. They are of the photo I show above and are absolutely beautiful.


Of course, all the angel photos I have taken are stunning and breathtaking in their own way, but this one I think is my favorite because it also includes my orchids. Enough said. Angels and orchids!


If you are reading my blog and would like me to send you an angel card, just send me an email with your name and address and I will send you one.


I talked over this project with my mentor in healing, Sue Maes. Sue said, “You just need to show people what is out there.”


So send me an email either at OR with the subject line Angel Card. Include your name and address and I will make sure you get one for free.


It’s now inevitable that I will also be selling the cards at the Mart, though I have no idea what price I would sell them for.