I took this photo on a Friday in March 2011, the same day the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. 
It was both a glorious day here in Atlanta and an unsettling day for the world. I received emails from a lady in Tokyo for whom I did distant healing and a medical intuitive reading.

Meanwhile, my wonderful painter, Dan Stone, and his assistant Barrie were at my home staining the back deck. They had to wait until the weather was good to avoid both pollen and rain.

As a gift to me, they also painted my upstairs office a gorgeous grey-blue.

I was so excited about all the improvements that I was outside snapping pictures with my iphone.

I had taken photos in the past of my front door that looked like some divine energy was surrounding it. This time I turned away and saw the angels immediately.

I felt comforted and uplifted.

It all made sense to me because I channel my angels virtually every day. I take out my journal and I write down what they say to me just like I am taking dictation.

Years ago, I had asked angels to surround my home and to set up guard around the main doors.

To be able to actually see them in a photograph is quite a blessing.

Photo: This photo was taken the same day the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in March 2011