When I am doing a medical intuitive reading to determine why a person is experiencing fatigue, one of the questions I ask is, “How much of this person’s energy is in the present time?”

There are three possible places where your energy, also known as your attention, may be found:

  1. The past. If your energy is caught up in the past, you have not resolved your issues. You keep running what happened through your mind, getting nowhere. It’s exhausting because the past is over and at this point there’s nothing you can do about it. You haven’t let go, forgiven or made peace. Equals depression. 
  2. The present. If your energy and attention are in the present moment, you will most likely feel happy, alert, possibly challenged but at the same time energized and connected not only to your true self but to life around you. You experience the depth of life, perceiving the beauty all around you.
  3. The future. If your energy is directed towards the future, more than likely you will be running various scenarios through your head. This is also exhausting as you explore multiple alternatives, still getting nowhere. Equals worry and anxiety. 

Failure to be in the present moment is an often overlooked source of fatigue and energy drain. 

If you find that indeed your energy is drifting into the past or anxiously thumbing through future possibilities, how can you bring yourself into the now?

  1. Find at least one thing you can appreciate right now. Maybe you don’t like your job but you like having a paycheck. Maybe it’s raining outside but you are inside staying warm and dry. Maybe you can hug a puppy, a child or gaze upon a flower.
  2. Feel your body. Feeling the energy flowing through your body – such as we do when practicing yoga or qi gong – will bring you into the now in a delicious, relaxing and consoling way.
  3. Hug a tree. Last week, I was out in my garden and decided to throw caution to the winds and actually hug one of the trees in my yard. “Wow!” was my first thought. I felt the immensity of life energy flowing. It wasn’t a particularly large tree, but I felt the strength of the chi flowing.
  4. Walk barefoot. Feel your feet as opposed to your head. This is a quick way to get out of your head, the source of most of your problems. When you get down to it, there are actually no problems in the now.
  5. Taste your food, smell the air, listen to the music, feel the rhythm, look deep inside a flower. Get in touch with what your body senses to pull more and more of you into the moment.

I remember when I first began studying intuitive gifts. The more I pull my energy into the simplicity of this very moment, right now, the easier it is to access psychic gifts. 

That’s because when we are in the now we are connected to our soul. 

Only our ego wants to go rummaging through the past, looking for what we can’t find, or leaping ahead into the future, trying to imagine potentialities that may never come to pass.

What is healing? Healing happens when we pull our energy into the now, where the sun shines, the dog wags her tail, the breeze rustles through the trees, the crickets chirp and our hearts feel at one and at peace.