One of the unconscious factors that may be keeping you sick and exhausted is the habit of processing other people’s energy.

This afternoon, I saw a client who has been working very very hard to get better.

I’ll just say that she is a health professional herself and is highly knowledgeable about how to be healthy. She has already been doing everything she already knew to get well.

I had asked her to bring in all her nutritional supplements that had been recommended by another healer just so I could see what she was doing, and she came in carrying one large and one small basket. There was at least over $1,000 worth of supplements in the baskets, so numerous that I could not count.

Although I am also a nutritionist and use both food and every kind of supplement you can think of, I had never seen any client take so many supplements – she literally won the prize.

In addition to her natural healing remedies, she also practices energy exercise and gets I.V. chelation. She drinks homemade juice and has taken time off of work to try to get well.

In other words, this client gets an A++ as far as her all-out effort to get well. In addition to her medical and alternative practitioners, she recently added healing sessions with me.

I began our session by asking for guidance, as I always do.

My guides told me that we needed to do a healing to stop her energy leaks.

Any human who put as much effort into getting well as she has would be radiantly healthy if there wasn’t some form of energy leakage going on!

It turned out that she was spending 70 percent of her personal chi to process her husband’s emotions and feelings.

Many people who are too smart to be codependent are still processing other people’s energy.

In this case, my client had been running her husband’s emotions and feelings through her third chakra – the center for psychic feeling.

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Once I recognized that her energy leak came from processing her husband’s energy, I then did a karmic healing for her to complete this cycle.

She had made a soul agreement to do this for him, so I recommended that she literally write down a whole new agreement between her soul and his soul. She would allow him to process his own feelings and free herself in the process.

A great spiritual principle to grasp is that each person’s life is set up like a spiritual self-study course.

What I need to learn may be different from what you need to learn.

No matter how big of a disaster another person’s life may appear to you on the ego level, on the spiritual level, we have to remember that their path is perfect just for them.

Other people don’t need to be fixed, saved, changed or improved. They are quite literally experiencing whatever conditions their soul needs in order to move to the next level.

In addition to the healing for my client, I also did a medical intuitive reading for my client’s husband so that she could understand what is really going on with him. He is in stage 3 of stage 3 of adrenal stress, otherwise known as complete wipeout, and had shut down his own third chakra and fifth chakra, which was placing great stress on his heart.

I looked at his energy feel and what I saw was not just that his third and fifth chakras were closed, they actually looked squeezed, as if he were strangling himself at the throat. His heart chakra had over expanded and looked as though it were about to burst.

Pointing to the baskets of supplements, I said, “You are taking supplements not only for yourself but also for him.”

Like many wives, my client had tried everything to help her husband become healthier. Knowing all that she had learned about health, it has been painful for her to observe his lifestyle.

I asked at the soul level what how she could actually help him, which is to take 25 days off this year for complete rest. I received the guidance that he is not ready to listen to any outside practitioner, but that she could plan four-day trips to rent a cabin and relax.

My client had literally been processing her husband’s exhaustion.

What is healing? Healing happens when we allow other people to have their own experience of life, no matter whether we agree with it or not.