This past week, I did medical intuitive readings with two clients who are sensitive to EMFs.

What are EMFs?

EMFs are electromagnetic fields.

There are basically two types of EMFs: low frequency and high frequency. Low frequency EMFs are emitted by our electricity and appliances. High Frequency EMFs (also known as Radio Frequency or “RF”) are generated by all our wireless devices.

EMFs can have a profound effect on your mental and physical health.

In the first client’s case, she had suffered from severe panic attacks while on an airplane. No amount of previous therapy could calm her fear of going away on vacation yet she longed to go on a normal holiday with her family.

During the medical intuitive reading, I explained that a large portion of the panic she was feeling at the airport and on the plane was due to her hypersensitivity to EMFs.

“That makes sense,” she said. “It feels like this huge buzzing.”

Intuitively, she had taken herself off prescription anti anxiety drugs because she found they made no difference.

She also noticed she would get horrific headaches after spending hours on her computer.

I taught her numerous ways to balance her nervous system, shield her energy and increase her personal chi so that she can become less sensitive to the EMFs around her.

In the second client’s case, I found that she was left feeling drained and exhausted at her office job due to sensitivity to EMFs.

I also recommended ways she can shield her energy.

How do you know if you are sensitive to EMFs?

Here are a few possible side effects you may experience after spending time on computers, laptops, cell phones, around microwave ovens, at the airport or on a plane:

  • Exhaustion
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Double vision and blurred vision
  • Brain fog
  • Chronic immune suppression
  • Feeling like your body is running 1,000 volts of energy through an ordinary light socket.

Some of my most common recommendations for people who are sensitive to EMFs include:

  • Wear a personal protection device for EMFs.
  • Practice qi gong regularly. I have a host of FREE qi gong videos at this link.
  • Build your own personal chi. When your own energy is strong and balanced, you may be less affected by EMFs.
  • Cocooning, which I discuss in detail in my most recent Amazon No. 1 bestseller, Unlimited Intuition Now
  • Take breaks away from computers and cell phones.
  • Walk barefoot outside when weather permits.
  • Stay hydrated while operating electrical gadgets and spending time on your computer.
  • Receive a healing from me to clear your geopathic stress.

If you find yourself sensitive to EMFs, you may greatly benefit from a healing from me to clear your geopathic stress, which includes your reactions to electrical gadgets.

In my work as a medical intuitive, I read your body to see how EMFs may shut down specific chakras, acupuncture meridians and/or levels of your energy field and/or cause you to feel specific emotions.

This is an often overlooked reason you may feel overloaded and unable to function if you spend too much time on your computer, cell phone or other gadgets.

Part of the reason that medical doctors do not address EMFs is that they are invisible.

However, there are devices you can purchase that measure the level of EMFs in your home or office.

What is healing? Healing happens when you take into account all the factors that affect your mental and physical well-being and take advantage of natural healing remedies that help you achieve greater balance.