Oftentimes as humans we feel overwhelmed with the stress of life and unsure who to trust for guidance.

Whether you recognize it or not, you always have a huge reservoir of love, wisdom and support available to you any time of night or day, no phone call required.

You never really have to feel lonely ever again because you can always call on the spirits of your ancestors.

I use this resource myself when I am particularly upset and unable to achieve the clarity of mind necessary to talk to my angels.

What’s the difference?

To listen to your angels, you need to be in neutral, a place in your mind that encompasses total peace, without projection or emotions.

Sometimes we feel so disturbed that the truth of the matter is neutral isn’t available right now. We are doing the best we can, but our grief, anger, shock, fear or other emergency emotions have locked us down.

This procedure is similar to the Seven Generation Healing I perform with many clients.  I wrote about this topic in a previous blog and I have been amazed at the outpouring of response this information has received.

Here’s how to call on your ancestors for guidance:

  1. Clear your energy as much as possible. Even if you are extremely upset, get to the best emotional state you can. I like to pass my hands over my head three times while saying, “I clear my energy in the name of God the father, Jesus the son and the Holy Ghost.” Sometimes the best you can do is just two percent calmer – not all the way, but a bit better.
  2. Stand up in the middle of a room where you will be able to walk backwards safely without falling over anything. Decide whether you are going back through your mother or your father’s predecessors. Sometimes you need the shrewdness of women. Other times you need the discernment of men. Whether you choose the yin or the yang energy, allow yourself to be drawn to those who can be most helpful at this time.
  3. Say a short prayer: “Dear God, I call on the spirits of my ancestors at this time for love, support and guidance. Thank you God, thank you God. Amen.”
  4. Ask your question. Make your inquiry as clear and single pointed as possible. When our emotions entangle our thoughts, being totally sure of what to ask may be a bit difficult. A good way to begin may be, “Beloved ancestors, I am seeking your guidance right now about (the subject). Please help me know, see, feel and hear the right way.”
  5. Step backwards one step. If you have chosen to go back through your mother’s lineage, begin with your mother. If you have chosen to go back through your forefathers, begin with your father. Whether your mother or father are still alive doesn’t matter, because you can always have a soul to soul conversation. “Dear mother/father, please guide me at this time.” Listen. Be quiet. Allow your soul to receive.
  6. When the soul of your mother or father has completed their report, take one step back. You will now be with your maternal grandmother or paternal grandfather. Inquire again.
  7. Take another step back to be with your great grandmother or your great grandfather. After you have received their insight, keep stepping back one generation at a time until have gone back through seven generations – all the way to your great great great great grandmother or your great great great great grandfather.
  8. After you have accepted their advice, step forwards one step at a time and express your appreciation to each person. As you express your appreciation, feel their unconditional love embracing you.

Even if you never met them, you carry the DNA of your ancestors, which means you carry a little bit of each one of them in every cell of your body.

If you stop for a moment to ponder all they lived through – war, famine, migration, moving from one continent to the other, raising families, working in all kinds of professions – you can marvel at the inner strength you carry.

By the time you get to your great great great great grandmother or great great great great grandfather, you are speaking to the source of 3.125 percent of your DNA.

Personally, I often turn to my grandmothers and grandfathers when I feel the most dejected because I know they will find a way to reassure me.

Talk to your ancestors and never feel lonely again.