One of the many blessings of following the steps in my recent Amazon No. 1 best seller, Unlimited Energy Now, is that you get to develop a deep reservoir of inner well being.

At first, it’s very helpful to learn what actually works to build your personal energy.

Unlimited Energy Now teaches you what you can do on every level – physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. Small practical steps. Easy to understand language. Even if you are totally exhausted, believe me, you will get the message.

As you become more practiced, however, you can begin to let go of the need for external conditions and become a source of well being for yourself and everyone else.

As you build your own well being, you can experience happiness no matter what is actually going on around you.

How do you do this?

How do you develop the habit of unconditional well being?

  1. Notice when your vibration drops. If you pay attention when your energy begins to drop even slightly, you don’t have to ignore how you feel until you go into a complete collapse.
  2. If you pay attention, you will actually find there is an emotional component. Even if you don’t talk about it, be honest. What are the feelings that come up that drag your energy down?
  3. As soon as you notice yourself shifting into an internally negative state, pull yourself out of it. How would you rather be feeling?
  4. When you recognize that you would rather be feeling hopeful, uplifted or possibly even actually happy, figure out what you need to do, be or have in that moment to feel that way.
  5. Act now. Whether your action is external or simply shifting your internal state to a more positive attitude, give yourself permission to be happy right now, no matter what is going on around you.

The more you pay attention to your own vibration, you can be the source of unconditional love.

Let me give you a few simple examples from nature.

When I become stressed, all I have to do is gaze upon an orchid, a lotus or any of the flowers blooming in my garden.

The flowers don’t need to talk me out of anything.

They don’t need to counsel me.

They don’t try to fix anything.

They don’t do Reiki, offer advice on natural healing remedies or talk me into changing my diet.

All they do is radiate.

What if you gave up the exhausting habit of trying to save the world – including yourself or other people, animals or the planet – and simply focused on your inner radiance.

All you would have to do is connect to the peace inside yourself.

You wouldn’t have to raise money, explain anything, persuade anyone, educate the masses, win any elections, combat climate change or free anyone from any external conditions.

You won’t need to control yourself or change anyone else one iota.

Just radiate.

Be the source.