“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

If I look at your energy field, what your energy looks like will be different from what anybody else looks like.

On some level, this will make sense to you because more than likely you already know you look different from other people.

You may look like your father, for example, or have your father’s hair and eyes but your mother’s physique. You may look similar to your sister or brother but maybe life hasn’t been quite so hard on you as it was on them.


I don’t really have a technique for looking at your energy field.

I just do.


But here are a few suggestions that might help you – if you are interested in looking. You might want to start by looking at your own energy field.


I remember years ago teaching a seminar about the chakras. Many of the people in the class did not believe that they would be able to see their own aura. But they ended up being able to see everything.

One gentleman ended up seeing all the drugs in his energy field. He had stopped smoking and tripping, but the energetic debris was still in his field. He saw a grey-colored cloud around his head.


A simple thing to do is to take a large piece of paper, the larger the better. Get yourself some good old crayons or colored markers, and get ready.


Shut your eyes, say a prayer, and ask your soul’s permission. Ask to see whatever it is that you are ready to see.


Then take your crayons or markers and just start drawing.


You may not immediately understand or be able to interpret what it is that you are seeing. That doesn’t matter – not right now. Just keep looking and drawing.


So what are you looking at?


You don’t need a mirror. Just shut your eyes, or keep your eyes open, and ask to see with the eyes of your soul.


Strange to say, your soul can see everything everywhere all the time, as there really isn’t such a thing as time or even space.


This morning, I am sitting in a hospital. I took a friend in for a hernia operation.


As he was being wheeled away, I said multiple prayers for him.


I felt like crying.


My friend’s blood pressure had been elevated when the nurse took it this morning, 160/100. He was worried about how long the operation would take and what would happen afterwards. I told him that I would sit here and wait for word from the doctor.


Periodically, I use my extra sight and check in on him. I immediately saw a team of angels all around him. It looks to me as if they are peering over the operating table. One of them is stroking his forehead. At this point, he is out cold.


On the right side, where his hernia is, it looks like a big red patch. My interpretation is that this is inflammation.


The whole operating room looks like it’s not just in another part of the hospital, it’s in another dimension.


I do believe that when people are true healers, whether they be traditional medical doctors or holistic practitioners, they are surrounded with all the spiritual assistance they need to get the job done.


When I look on my friend during normal times, when he is healthy, it always looks as though his feet are maybe a foot off the ground, like he is floating. He is not a grounded person.


So when you start looking and are doing your drawing, just draw what it is that you think you see. Keep drawing – even if you don’t think you are a great artist.


When you are finally done, look at your picture. Then say another prayer to ask what it means.


You will be amazed at how much you can actually see with the eyes of your soul.