When you want to be truly beautiful as a human being, it’s best to think inside out.


Most skin disorders are dysfunctions of the liver, kidneys, or both.

The skin is your largest organ of detoxification.

The other organs of detoxification include your large intestine, liver and kidneys.


Most people try to look good from the outside in.


Being a girly girl myself, I am all about beautiful clothes, handmade jewelry crafted from gemstones that I pick out and put together myself and a well-toned body.


But if you want to have radiant skin, you are best off thinking about how to make your kidneys and liver as healthy as they can possibly be.


I am a big fan of thermograms, which can detect breast cancer well before standard mammograms. I have had two thermograms, and each time my medical doctor, Dr. Linda Kelley, has told me I am the only patient she has had who did not need to do any detoxification.


That’s because I am a regular juicer. I also own a far infrared sauna and have used it regularly since 2004.


You can make your kidneys healthy by drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day. The trick to getting that done is to have a system. Currently I buy 1.5 liter bottle of Fiji water at Trader Joe’s every week and try to drink one every day on top of all my other fluids.


Foods that help the kidneys include asparagus and kidney beans, parsley, celery and all dark green leafy vegetables high in vitamin A.


The kidneys love energy exercise like tai chi and qi gong, which restore our chi and nourish the kidneys. You can even learn qi gong exercises specifically for healing your kidneys – just click on the video section of this blog and follow the links to qi gong.


The secret to having a healthy liver is to learn how to forgive others, to practice kindness, to give yourself the opportunity to be creative and to avoid toxic food, pharmaceutical drugs and chemical products. Eating and juicing lots of green leafy vegetables also helps.


The liver loves exercises that helps you sweat, like I did on my walk this morning.