This is the shawl I just knitted for my friend Sue Maes in Canada for her upcoming 60th birthday.

I believe that colors can heal us.

Everybody has a power color and a sexy color – a color that makes you feel and look most attractive.

Sue has red hair, so I made this shawl just for her, with a peach colored ribbon yarn, a tan colored ladder lace ribbon yarn, a tan colored mohair and sequin yarn, another sequin yarn that changed colors from autumn red to brown, a peach colored and a brown colored basic cotton yarns.

I always use my intuition when I knit.

I think of the person I want to make a present for, and then imagine which combination of colors or color will look best on them.

As a result, everyone’s shawl is especially unique for them, considering that I knit my shawls by combining at least three yarns all the way to seven yarns.

Sue’s shawl is soft, because her primary psychic gift is feeling, and feelers need their clothes to feel comfortable. But it’s also sparkly with sequins and ribbons and a wave of ever changing color, because she is deep.

Sue Maes is my mentor in healing. I have studied with her so much, I have taken almost every kind of class she has ever taught.

Even though Sue is my teacher and coach, she is also my friend.

Long ago, Sue said to me, “We have got to stop being teacher and student. We are now equals.”

However, I am a passionate learner.

Just because I actually know something doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn, more to discover, more to get better at doing.

Because I have studied so much with Sue, I have mastered very difficult subjects, such as healing all the different muscles in the hands, the shoulders and the face. I am not sure which was the hardest – the shoulders or the hands. Probably the hands, because the muscles are so small.

That doesn’t even begin to touch everything I have learned from Sue.

Like me, Sue started in healing work by learning about healing work for the brain.

We study flower essences, energy healing, medical intuition, all the muscles and all the organs, nutrition, herbs, vitamins, amino acids and almost every kind of natural supplement you can think of, detoxification, emotional healing of many modalities, beliefs, birth issue clearings, karmic clearings, angel communication, psychic development, neurotransmitter balancing, body typing, quantum healing, acupressure, essential oils, rebuilding the chakras and hara line…I could go on. Sue and I are equally passionate about healing and we help each other out whenever possible.

I am thankful to have a wonderful teacher and friend and was so happy to make something special for her birthday.