I can’t even begin to express the excitement I felt when I walked in my door on Monday and found my chartreuse cattleya orchid in double bloom.

I had been documenting the buds, the buds diverging – and then – indescribable beauty!

About the same time that my cattleya bloomed, I completed my turquoise shawl. I have been putting purple fringe on it every evening before I go to bed.


You never quite know when an orchid will open up and bloom.

If you’re a knitter, you never quite can tell the exact moment when you will finally be done.


I am a big believer in wabi-sabi beauty. When I make something, whether it be jewelry or knitting, I like having the look and the feeling that something is actually handmade.

I keep putting fringe on my shawl, looking at it, and waiting to decide when I am done.

I think I may be done.


Bloom, or completion, is an ecstatic moment.

I walk into my studio and see transcendent exaltation expressed in the full body of my orchid.

I cast off the last stitches of my shawl, then throw it around my shoulders, feeling the results of countless hours of work.

Even though it’s practically June, I love my new shawl so much I have been using it virtually every time I practice yoga. It just feels so good!


Everyone who has been coming to visit me notices my orchid immediately.


Even though my double blossom cherry begonias and euphorbia are in full flower around my blue jar fountain, even though the butterflies are gathering around my petunias, it’s the chartreuse orchid that captures everyone’s attention.


I practiced yoga for about an hour this morning. I could be upside down and still see my cattleya twins.


Two little brothers came to visit, one with a terrible skin rash for me to heal.They ran around excitedly, picking up the rocks in my window, playing with balls, petting my dog Belle. The orchid shook but survived, as if understanding the gentleness of child’s play.


All healing is about shifting our vibration.

Illness and disease exist at very slowed down vibrations.

Just looking at an orchid in full bloom will raise your level of consciousness, I feel.


It’s not something that someone who is bustling about can necessarily appreciate.

You have to slow down to listen to the angels and contemplate the beauty of an orchid.