Earlier this week, as I shook the hand of the eye surgeon after having the second of two cataracts removed, I said, “No more eyes to do then.”

As soon as I said this, I realised that we all possess a Third Eye, also known as the pineal gland, or master gland. What’s more, it is easy to harbour or develop a cloudiness of vision in our Third Eye too. It’s also easy to remove it and to do this without any surgery.

Cataracts in our “optical” eyes are caused by a degeneration in the clarity of the lens. The primary cause of clouding of the lens is thought to be exposure over time to ultraviolet light, but it’s also thought that it can be brought on by smoking and diabetes. By the age of 80, around 40% of Americans have lens replacements.

In the non-Western world, where treatment is not readily available, it is one of the leading causes of blindness. In India, the Lifeline Express brings cataract surgery to places where people would otherwise lose their vision.

Lack of clarity in our ‘knowing’ eye similarly has many causes:

  • A sense of separateness
  • A cynical and sceptical outlook
  • Excessive ‘self-talk’

So how do you know if your Third Eye is not ‘seeing’ well?

  • You feel lost or directionless
  • You can’t see the wood from the trees
  • You feel that the world is out to get you

Benefits of a clear Third Eye

When we open our Third Eye, it is like gaining a new super-sense. It is also worth pointing out that René Descartes believed the pineal gland to be the principal seat of the soul. When it is clear, we get:

  • Clarity of vision
  • Improved claircogniscence and clairvoyance
  • An opening to channel


Fortunately the cure for “third eye impairment and blindness” is relatively simple and painless. It involves two stages:

  1. Firstly recognising the role and existence of the third eye as a location for super-sensory awareness.
  2. Secondly, moving your consciousness to the third eye by spending a few minutes each day in meditation.

Third Eye Resources

My free daily nuggets of mindfulness, Just for Today, help you shift your awareness to your Third Eye. This is because my consciousness was located in my pineal gland when I channelled them in. As a result, when you read them, your awareness will mirror mine and switch there.

Heart-full Living

For a truly transformative experience, where all your internal mind centres are activated, including the Third Eye, take my Heart-full Living programme. This will awaken you to a new level of awareness and you will discover new super-sensibilities.
Start living heart-fully today …

I am fortunate to live in a place where I can get access to top eye surgeons. As a result, just a couple of months after diagnosis, I have clarity of vision back again. I can now also see clearly that I have a beautiful mechanism available whereby someone who can afford it gains clarity of vision for their Third Eye and, as a result, someone who can’t afford it gets their eyesight fixed.

So each person who invests in the Heart-full Living programme will fund the restoration of sight to somebody via the Lifeline Express

Tom Evans is the host of The Zone Podcast  and the author of numerous books, including Managing Time Mindfully, New Magic for a New Era: How to Live a Charmed Life, The Zone: How to Get In It and Stay In It and Blocks: The Enlightened Way to Clear Writer’s Block and Find Your Creative Flow.