This photo was taken in London in 2005.

I had gone over there to teach a series of seminars about healing the brain, willingness, nutrition mastery and money and business.

It was so rewarding to me to get to spend time with my friends Hamish Hurley and Ru-tee Block, who do fitness and nutrition over in England.

I was very fortunate in that I was supposed to go into central London on the morning that the subway was bombed. Somehow all week I had a terrible foreboding. I bought an aqua aura quartz, which helps protect against psychic attack. I had been on a train earlier in the week and I felt huge incoming negativity. I am a Reiki master and I drew my Reiki symbols and put my hands up to stop it, but I could not stop the energy, it just kept on coming.

I went through the subway on the Wednesday before the bombing, but on the Thursday I was out for a walk. I had been supposed to go into the city, but I knew that if I went in, I would have trouble getting back. I had cancelled all my appointments with Hamish’s clients. It was another confirmation for me about how important it is to listen to my guidance.