When I was studying medical intuition and healing, I had many discussions about the difference between pain and suffering.

As they say, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

If I am going to do a healing to release, say, neck pain, then I have to treat the two phenomena separately.

There is the pain itself, and then there is the suffering that you choose to experience. I have to release the emotion behind the physical pain at the same time I am doing a healing or the physical pain will just re-manifest itself.

As a healer, you have to be smarter than a client’s need to suffer and get ahead of the process inside their head that even they don’t yet understand.


Recently, I ran a lab test on a client.

I have a very integrated practice in that I work with each person in the exact way he or she needs to be worked with. Some people will receive a medical intuitive reading and then we begin healing work. Others, I recommend lots of lab tests. Still others, I start doing healing work and then encourage them to do the lab tests because I know they need a deeper understanding of what is happening with their bodies.


I have been recommending adrenal function tests with clients for well over a decade. We live in such a stressful society and most people have no clue what all that stress is doing to their metabolism, to their hormonal system, to their brain chemistry, to the utter breakdown of their musculoskeletal system. People in our culture pride themselves on driving their bodies over a cliff. How many degrees, how much money, how many hours of nonstop work can you accumulate? And at what point are you ready to stop proving yourself? Can’t we all just learn how to be grateful for what we have and start learning to enjoy the process?


I see many many people in extreme states of adrenal burnout, so burnout does not phase me. I have written many letters to employers asking them to grant time off so my clients can rest and recover.


But this particular client won the lottery – she had virtually no cortisol, a syndrome recognized in the traditional medical literature as Addison’s disease. She had come to me for a seemingly unrelated condition. Most people who are doing twice as well as her would by lying in bed for days on end unable to function.


Not only does she function, she runs a business, is married and has kids. Admittedly, she felt absolutely terrible, which is why she became my client, but she was still pulling all that off and rather well as she was at the top of her game in her business. She loves her husband, she loves her kids, she loves what she does. She laughs a lot even when I know she can hardly think straight. “I know you have a great attitude,” I told her when I discussed the results with her, “because most people who are like you would be overweight, lying in bed with fibromyalgia and unable to work.”


I recently heard Jack Canfield speak at the Ewomen Network Convention in Dallas. He made many great points, but one that especially struck home to me is that he said we all need to stop complaining.


Putting it in my own terms for you, when we complain, “this is bad, that is even more awful,” then we pretty much set ourselves up for manifesting more and more suffering. We choose to see the world and our lives as damaged and then that’s exactly what we get.


A term I like to use is, “Are you carrying your own baggage?”


Most of us have plenty of material to complain about, should we choose to do so. I can create great amusement for myself just thinking of all the things that are wrong with my life. And every once in awhile, it is helpful to allow yourself to have a pity party, get it out of your system, and then get on with it.


I have a few treasured friends who can smell a pity party a mile away and smack me down when they see one coming down the pike. You have got to love friends like that.


In yoga class, whenever I have beginners, I like them to work on plank position, which is all about being able to handle your own body weight. This is usually not too popular. Yes, it is about being able to develop basic strength, but for me, it’s about a lot more than that. Can you handle the weight of your own weightiness? If not, then lighten up, mentally and physically!


Not only does stress become a habit for so many people, so does suffering. It becomes normal to feel joints achey, brain foggy, body weary and heavy.


Realize that if this is a case for you, then part of you is choosing that experience. You could very well choose to have another experience of life. You could choose not to suffer. You could also choose to do whatever it takes to feel better while you are working on your attitude.


Several good affirmations to work with include: