This past year I have been dealing with a nagging pain in my chest.

After making a variety of changes in my lifestyle to correct the problem, I was able to often get the pain to stop temporarily only to return a bit worse within a few weeks or so.

Then one Sunday evening when I was taking a shower the pain returned sharply and was radiating into my neck.

Thinking I may have been having a minor heart attack due to the symptoms and location of the pain I was having, I went to the ER.

The doctor at the ER ran the typical battery of expensive medical tests only to find nothing, no heart attack, no obstruction, no tumors or anything like that so I was given a prescription for Advil and Percaset and sent home.

It was a relief to have the medical testing verify that indeed I was not having a heart attack but the pain had already been slowing me down and at this point I was not able to work the next day and wanted to get to the bottom of the problem not simply reduce my awareness of or dull the pain because I knew that would not take care of it since I had been dealing with it in a variety of ways at this point for quite some time already.

I called Catherine Carrigan who I have been working with for many years now and fortunately she was in town and willing to see me the very next day at 7:30PM well outside her normal working hours and even at her normal rate.

Catherine was able to use her incredible intuitive gifts and insight to get right to the source of the problem for me. She determined that I was having an ongoing reaction to toxic chemicals, pesticides in particular, in my system. This made perfect sense because I am a landscaper and though I do not apply pesticides regularly I am exposed to them and along with other factors my body was having an ongoing adverse reaction to the chemicals in my system because my body could not remove these variety of chemicals enough without additional measures.

Catherine did some incredible healing work on me during our session and I was amazed at how rapidly the pain in my chest subsided, by the next day I was feeling much better, and my pain was reduced to a whisper of what it was without the use of the pain medication prescribed by the MD at the ER.

Among other things in particular on this occasion she insisted that I needed to use a far infrared sauna to get these chemicals out of my system. Fortunately she has a very kind and generous friend who lives close by and was willing to rent me her sauna to use for one month.

Being a landscaper in Atlanta I thought I knew what heat and sweating was all about but I was in for a very new experience in the far infrared sauna.

Along with specific supplements she recommended and supplied for me I have been doing exactly as she prescribed as best I can and the pain in my chest though it has come back slightly a few times over the past month, I am confident and very fortunate she got to the source of the matter, knew exactly what I needed to do to take care of it, and I am now on the other side of this terrible chest pain health problem I was having that was otherwise getting to the point of being debilitating.

In fact, as I mentioned I have been going to see Catherine for a variety of my particular health concerns over the past 10+ years and she ALWAYS knows what I need to do get better, she even recommended I do the far infrared sauna years ago but I had never tried it until now when I developed a desperate need to do so.

She recommended that I purchase a sauna due to the nature of my work and the area I work in Atlanta, GA, and I knew I would be a fool not to do exactly just that. But the particular far infrared sauna she recommends (and it is important to be specific because some of them do not work) was on back order with a delivery time of 7 weeks to get it so again very fortunate she was able to find one that I could rent for a month that I have been using daily and getting the results I need.

One thing I really like about Catherine’s holistic approach is that when I do the treatments she prescribes I also get beneficial side effects. She mentioned that after using the far infrared sauna for one month her energy literally doubled and now I am experiencing the same tremendous increase of energy along with reduction and elimination of the pain at its source, along with other easily observable improvements in my overall health, and it feels awesome.

Catherine is a true healer, I always call on her when I face troublesome health problems and she always figures out what is going on and what I need to do to the results I am in need of and back to a state of feeling great, strong and healthy.

Gabe Horrisberger, Atlanta Georgia

Owner, Gabe’s Gardens