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Cocoon Yourself To Protect Your Energy

Posted on Aug 5, 2015 by in Blog | 7 comments

"Cocoon Yourself To Protect Your Energy"

If you are a highly sensitive person, you will feel more emotionally balanced if you adopt the daily practice of cocooning yourself.

Although it’s all one energy, all good and all God, within the one energy that we exist are a multitude of frequencies.

Those of us who live in urban areas are subjected to a higher degree of negativity and geopathic stress than those who live in more rural and natural settings.

On top of the combined effects of millions of people living together are the individual assaults that many people have suffered.

If you have experienced post traumatic stress disorder, you may have actual holes or tears in your energy field that a highly trained healer such as myself can perceive and repair.

Examples of this from actual clients include a woman who broke her back in a diving accident, a young man who had been raped, another woman who had gone through airport scanners and yet another person who had an unfortunate result from her surgical operation.

If you have holes or breaks in your aura, you will feel overly sensitive to other people’s emotions and the world around you, making it difficult for you to cope with every day life.

Even if you are balanced and healthy, you want to shield yourself from other people’s dramas and the geopathic stress of urban life.

You can balance and shield your energy field with this simple technique.

It was taught to me by my yoga teacher, Lillah Schwartz, who learned the technique by studying the teachings of Sri Aurobindo. 

  • Step One. Sit in a comfortable position. Cocooning is a great way to conclude meditation or a pranayama practice. Even if you don’t have time to meditate, start your day off right with this centering practice.
  • Step Two. Bring your two hands behind your head, setting your intention to gather your scattered thoughts. Gather the chi around your head and bring your palms together in prayer position down to your heart. Repeat this practice two or three times.
  • Step Three. Bring your hands behind your lower back, setting your intention to gather the thoughts and feelings of your lower self. Gather this chi and bring your palms together in prayer position at your heart. Repeat this practice two or three times.
  • Step Four. Now stretch your arms wide over your head. Visualize the white light of protection. Gather this white light from above your head, fill your energy field and seal the white light below your body so that you visualize yourself in a bubble of white light, knowing and experiencing that you are completely protected.
  • Step Five. Extend your arms wide over your head again. Visualize the clear blue light of healing. Gather this white light from above your head, fill your energy field and seal the white light below your body so that you visualize yourself in a bubble of translucent light. Know and experience that you are surrounded by healing energy.
  • Step Six. Extend your arms wide over your head once again. Visualize the clear golden light of transformation. Gather this golden light from above your head, fill your energy field and seal the gold light below your body so that you visualize yourself in a bubble of gold. Know and experience that you are open to transformation for your highest good.
  • Step Seven. Know and experience that you are divinely protected, full of healing energy and open to beneficial transformation.

If you have less time, simply visualize yourself in a bubble of light.


If nothing came in to you and nothing went out of you but unconditional love, you would be happy and healthy all day long!

The benefits of cocooning include decreased anxiety and depression, calmness and increased discernment.

You stay in your own energy because you are centered and grounded.

From this centered place, you can access your own intuition.

To learn more about what you can do to cope with being a highly sensitive person, set up an appointment today for a medical intuitive healing by emailing or calling 678-612-8816.



  1. Thank you for this wonderful and easy technique. As someone who is extremely sensitive to energy and emotions this is something that helps me find peace and joy throughout my day.

    • Thank you so much for reading Marisha! Most highly sensitive people need to adopt this and/or other techniques to protect their energy. Even though universal consciousness is all one energy, within that energy exist different vibrations. We need to learn how to stay in our own energy, maintaining our own inner peace if we truly hope to be of service to others. Love and light, Catherine

  2. This is a great article. I’ve been highly sensitive for as long as I can remember. I even though, or was ‘taught to believe’ I was nuts. Since then, I have found a meditation teacher who teaches that the best energy in the world is our own energy in our own space. I meditate everyday as a necessity. I also work in the medical industry as a physical therapy assistant (maybe it was for spiritual growth I wouldn’t have gotten any other way)so I get bombarded on a daily basis.

    To protect myself beyond meditation, I use semi-precious stones such as anel aura quartz, labradorite and prehnite, all of which do a decent job of sealing, healing and clearing my chakras when I can’t get to it, at work.

    I have found that pranayama tends to stoke my kundalini which isn’t good as I go through hotflashes/menopause, they are very similar.

    Thank you for the great article.

    • Dear Penny, Extremely sensitive people need to learn how to protect their energy so that they can feel calm and centered living in the world today. I am so thankful this information is helpful to you! I am a long-time header and have so many crystals you can’t even imagine. If I know I am going into a high stress environment, e.g., an airport, I will frequently wear labradorite and other crystals. Once I was in London and I bought 2 aqua aura quartz crystals. I knew I had to have them! Two days later terrorists blew up the subway. I always listen to my guidance as our angels are always guiding us in the right direction! Love and light, Catherine

      • Hi Catherine,

        Wow! That was great trusting your intuition. I’m still learning it. Over-riding or working around other peoples’ energies in my space…I end up feeling manipulated sometimes by those energies. I guess I need more rocks in my pockets. LOL!

  3. What blue light and golden light in the article looks like?

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