The field of energy healing tends to attract very caring, highly sensitive people who want to give from their souls to accomplish good in the world.

We can become attuned to Reiki, learn all about the chakras, how to heal the hara and discover deep secrets about the energy field.

But part of becoming a successful energy healer has to do with learning how to manage your own energy.

Every profession has its challenges.

As of this writing, I am now 63 years old and have been practicing natural healing since I was 34.

There are common problems of energy healers and by now I promise you I’ve literally made every mistake myself. 

It’s not enough to know how to do natural healing techniques when you are wanting to maintain a successful healing practice.

You will want to make sure you don’t fall into these common traps:

  1. Failing to protect your energy.
  2. Taking on your client’s karma.
  3. Using your psychic gifts more for others and not enough for yourself. 
  4. Using your personal energy for healing work rather than channeling divine energy.
  5. Getting triggered by your client’s story.
  6. Trying to fix others rather than holding space for healing to occur.
  7. Taking on the pain and suffering of the world. 

Let’s go deeper into these challenges.

One. Failing to protect your energy. I remember years ago going to a client’s home to do healing work. 

We held the session in her child’s toy room because that was the only space available. 

When I got home I was so exhausted I had to cancel my vacation. 

I literally sat in an armchair for two days and drank water. 

I prayed to God, “I am willing to serve you but not at this expense.” 

I wasn’t even sure my client knew anything had changed. 

I recognized I had not fully protected my energy and had taken on the energy she had been wanting to release.

There are many effective techniques to protect your energy – I could write a book on that one subject alone – but the simplest way to protect your energy whenever you are doing hands-on healing is to wear purple bracelets.

Wearing the color purple around your wrists cuts off any energy you might take on when you practice Reiki or any other form of energy healing. 

I have a pile of purple bracelets next to the orchids in my healing room. 

Even now, I do not put my hands on anybody for healing work unless and until I’m wearing purple bracelets.

Two. Taking on your client’s karma. Years ago I worked with a gentleman who had cancer not just once but six times. He actually moved from Boston to Atlanta to be my client for awhile. 

His case was so complicated I remember praying to God and asking, “Why me?”

Not only was there much for him to heal, working with him was so incredibly difficult for me I realized that for many years previously I had been unconsciously taking on and processing my client’s karma.

OMG! Talk about fatigue!

I remember discussing the situation with a qi gong master who explained that I had been unconsciously taking on my clients issues, processing them through my liver and then through my kidneys.

I thought my boundaries were clear but apparently they were not clear enough on the spiritual level. 

It’s critical to understand that all living beings have free will.

Whatever mess your client appears to have created in their life, they created that mess for a reason.

Allow other people to process their own spiritual lessons – you literally can not do it for them.

Three. Using your psychic gifts more for others and not enough for yourself.

When word gets around that you are in fact psychic, other people may treat you what I generally refer to as a “psychic Pez dispenser.”

In other words, people may ask you to see, figure out and intuit all kinds of things – their health, their money, their relationships.

If you are a professional intuitive that is what people pay you the big bucks for and that’s ok.

However – and this is the rub – if you use your gifts more for others and not enough for yourself you will become incredibly drained and no amount of vitamins, herbs, rest or Reiki will make up for it.

Your intuitive gifts are your soul gifts.

Your soul needs you to use your intuition for yourself so that you can lead your own best life.

Spend more time asking for guidance about yourself.

What do you really know about yourself?

How do you really feel? 

What do you see ahead in your own life?

Listen to what your angels tell you to do.

Paradoxically the more you use your intuition for yourself the more your gifts will open up.

I am always saying “intuition” is about being “in tune.”

You have to be in tune with yourself on all levels before you can really be in tune with anybody else.

Four. Using your personal energy for healing work rather than channeling divine energy.

I can recall having lunch years ago with a woman who I thought of at the time as a “baby healer.” 

She was so new she really didn’t understand what she was actually doing.

“I just put my hands on everybody and they all get better,” she said to me.

I thought to myself, “That’s because you are just taking on their issues.”

It’s one thing to take on another person’s pain.

I remember working with a client late one afternoon then going upstairs to fix dinner.

“My neck hurts,” I thought.

And then, “Oh wait – that’s not MY neck pain!”

No matter how smart I think I am or how well I take care of myself, there’s a limit to how much I personally know and there’s definitely limits on how much energy I have.

On the other hand, God, Universal Source Energy, is limitless.

When I practice energy healing I use my Reiki symbols so that I can channel divine healing energy.

That way I don’t get drained.

If you practice energy healing and you feel drained afterwards, you made a mistake somewhere.

Don’t take on other people’s pain.

Transmute it with divine healing energy. 

Five. Getting triggered by your client’s story. Newsflash – you’re human.

Because you are human, you probably have lived a lot of life, not all of it fun or easy.

If you are listening to a client tell you how they got beaten up as a child, raped as a teenager, went bankrupt, got their heart stomped on etc. etc. etc. and you feel your grief, anger, disgust or outrage gets triggered, that means you are not in neutral.

I will never forget helping a young man who had been raped by three men.

He was technically an adult at the time so I was not legally required to alert the authorities.

Even though the rape had occurred two years before he was still suffering on every level.

How can your heart not go out when you hear about actual trauma?

I really had to clear my own energy afterwards.

Which brings me to number six.

Six. Trying to fix others rather than holding space for healing to occur.

When we witness other people in pain and suffering, it can be so tempting to want rush in and fix things for them.

This is also known as codependence.

Trying to fix others – even when they are paying you for healing services – is exhausting and usually does not work.

A great affirmation for all of us is:




Stepping back, we have to honor each person’s spiritual path no matter what a train wreck their mess appears to be to our judgmental ego minds.

We may only think we have all the answers.

“I have a hammer, you must be a nail,” is a common mistake of baby healers with one modality under their belt.

The truth is that each person’s healing path will look unique to them.

I can recall an out of town client visiting my office recently.

She had told me she was suffering from chronic back pain and I was ready to teach her yoga stretches that I felt would help her tremendously if she only took a few minutes every day to do them.

She wasn’t having any of it.

She pressed me for why she was having her pain. 

She didn’t want to hear about my solutions, she wanted to know the why.

As healers we have to slow down to be fully present with each individual and allow them to ask for help in the way they actually want to receive it.

By holding space without judging what each person wants their process to look like, we create a space of unconditional love in which even greater miracles can occur.

Seven. Taking on the pain and suffering of the world.

Years ago there was a terrible drought in Atlanta one summer.

As I walked around my neighborhood, I could feel the trees, bushes and plants dying.

I felt awful.

Consulting with spiritual friends, I was reminded that all living beings have free will.

In every moment each of us is choosing our own way.

If I take on the pain and suffering of the world I will be done by Monday morning at 8 a.m.

When I stay in own light, I can be the light through which others can find their own way.

I do not have to instruct, correct, reprimand or fix anyone.

It is not exhausting to stay in my light.

When I live in my own light, I feel uplifted, exhilarated, peaceful, enlightened, calm, guided from within.

I just have to shine the light of my own truth.

What is healing? Healing happens when you learn to manage your energy like a master energy healer.

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