One of the tasks that I frequently address in my work as a medical intuitive healer is to empower my clients to cut the cords to their old relationships.

Every time you have an intimate relationship with another person, you form cords that connect the two of you at various chakras.

I can do a medical intuitive reading on the cords between any two individuals and tell you all about the quality of that relationship:

  • 1st Chakra. When you are connected at your first chakra, you derive a sense of identity. For example, you consider the other person your boyfriend or girlfriend or simply family.
  • 2nd Chakra. When you are connected here, you are sexually attracted to the other person.
  • 3rd Chakra. Connections here indicate that you are able to feel the other person’s feelings and have empathy for him or her.
  • 4th Chakra. When you connect at the heart level, you truly love the other person.
  • 5th Chakra. You are able to speak your truth to the other.
  • 6th Chakra. You share your vision of the world with him or her.
  • 7th Chakra. You have a deep spiritual connection

When we are complete with a relationship, it is important to cut the cords with the other person so that both parties may move on, energetically, emotionally and on all levels unencumbered by the past.

If you fail to cut the cords, you may experience what I generally refer to as “psychic whack,” where suddenly or inexplicably your energy drops out for no apparent reason because in actuality you are experiencing the subtle energy shifts of the partner to whom you have remained connected. You may feel unable to move on to a new, healthier relationship. Your own energy system may be so congested that you are unable to receive your own guidance. Your current partner may feel that you are not “all there” for him or her, as if your mind and energy is someplace else – and it is!

It’s like sludge in your motor – that’s why we go to the car dealership regularly and get our oil changed!

When we have a truly fabulous connection with another person, we can experience cord connections on all levels. When this happens, the relationship feels like a symphony, rich and multi-textured, satisfying in all dimensions.

Often as relationships fray, we unconsciously disconnect some of the cords but others remain. So, for example, we may remain connected at the first chakra, seeing someone as our partner long after the sexual energy or even heart energy has dissipated

Because I want to empower my clients, once I help them see for themselves where they remain connected with former partners, I empower them to cut the cords themselves. That way, you know it’s your choice.

Whenever you cut cords, you also want to communicate soul to soul and speak whatever truth you need to be complete. While we are cutting cords and speaking soul to soul, we can also listen at the soul level what the other person has to say. Often this brings us great insight into what the relationship was all about.

Even relationships that do not last a lifetime may have deep spiritual meaning and can enrich our lives in many ways.

What is healing? Healing happens when we cut the cords to old relationships so that 100 percent of our energy may be devoted to our current partners.