One of the simple ways to heal your heart is to cut the cords between you and all your ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends.

Every time you have a deep, intimate relationship, you create invisible cords between yourself and another person.

These cords last well past the time your relationship is actually over.

I have worked with clients, both men and women, who have been divorced 10 or 12 years and yet they are still energetically connected to their ex-spouse.

When I do a healing like this, I take several steps.

Step One: I ask permission. Sometimes, it is actually in your highest best interests to remain connected. In other words, you may think you are over but there is something more for your souls to experience. If you have permission to disconnect, I proceed to step two.

Step Two: I check the cord connections at the chakras. I have you envision the other person in front of you. Then I check to see where you are connected to him or to her, and where the other person is connected to you. I check at each chakra and then I check to see how many cord connections there are at each chakra. A huge connection would be 16 cords. A slighter connection might be 2 cords. Because each relationship is unique, I can explain to you what is going on based on how you are connected at the chakras. Is the relationship purely physical, or do you have a soul contract? It’s all there writ large in your energy body.

Step Three: Cut the cords. I check to see if I need to cut the cords for you or if you can actually do it yourself. Either way, you cut the cords. While doing so, I ask that you speak soul to soul so that you are complete.

Once the third step is finalized, I then check to see if you need to do a karmic release to complete your karma with the other person.

Often we have soul agreements with another person.

These soul agreements can be one way – such as your soul agreed to help the other person’s soul – or they can be mutual.

I find out what the agreement is about, and then call on spiritual beings to help you dissolve these agreements. In this way, you can move on without dragging past emotional or spiritual baggage into your future relationships.

This is a very honoring way to be complete on all levels.

Once this is finished, you feel new and live and are open to new relationships and all the good that they can bring you.