I have a rule in my practice that I don’t discuss lab results with clients unless they are sitting right in front of me.

There are too many emotions, too many questions that people have.

People need to feel understood, to experience the heart of compassion, not just be analyzed.

Recently I told a new client on her first visit that she had H. pylori and parasites.

She was referred to me by her medical doctor.

She visited another medical doctor, who told her, “That lady is just trying to rip you off.”

Then my client passed a worm. She saw it for herself.

When I got the test results back, the lab said she had H. pylori and parasites.

She was understandably upset, as she had been explaining to the second doctor for some time how upset her stomach was.

My father and brother are both medical doctors. I have medical doctors and registered nurses who are my clients. They are very hard working people.

We all need to work together for the highest good.

My client has fibromyalgia and a husband with degenerative brain disease. Her ongoing stress level is very high. She benefits greatly from energy healing. She says it takes away her pain and makes her feel calm.