I’m in the habit of paying attention.

That’s how spirit speaks to us most easily – when we are paying attention.

In the wee hours my angels frequently wake me because they know that’s the time when I can most easily listen.

Is it good for my sleep? No.

But I know that when I do wake in the early hours – especially 2 or 3 a.m. – that it can only be my angels wanting to chat as all my other dear friends are sure to be resting.

I have discovered that if I really want to get back to sleep I am better off taking angel dictation and then when they are done advising me I fall back to sleep rather easily.

So as is my habit, early this Saturday morning, when I began to hear their quiet voices, I stumbled out of bed and took my journal.

Now here’s where the story gets especially interesting.

One of my many idiosyncratic weirdnesses is that I have a phobia of running out of journals.

In fact, I have a large collection of blank journals just in case I happen to run out of paper in the one I am currently writing in.

I never feel quite at ease with myself until I know exactly where my current journal is at all times and no matter whether I am at home or traveling.

In fact, I can usually tell you exactly where my journal is because I keep its whereabouts tucked in the back of my mind in case I need to grab it and start pouring out my most intimate thoughts or the guidance from my angels at any given moment.

So in the wee hours Saturday I woke up, blurry eyed and opened the new journal I had chosen off my shelf.

I began to scribble as my guardian angel spoke:
“Don’t be alarmed. The pace of your change is quickening, speeding up, only we know that you have everything it takes to cope, adapt and thrive.”

Then I looked up in the top left corner of my new journal: on every page, a beautiful dragonfly stood guard!

Now the story gets a little more interesting.

It wasn’t lost on me that in early November, when I went to a writing retreat in Sedona to finish my fifth book (soon to be published in February), my dear friend Ramajon Cogan gave me a bronze dragonfly necklace.

I loved it immediately and was amazed to discover that Rama’s dragonfly exactly matched a pair of truly funky bronze dangling earrings with stars and hearts and rhinestones I had just bought for $15.

Suddenly outfitted for my next adventure, I found myself wearing the totem of this tiny winged creature and coordinating earrings on a daily basis.

I was wearing my amazing dragonfly when I recognized it was time for me to break my engagement to my fiancé and move back to my beloved home in Atlanta.

I continued to wear my dragonfly as I drove down to Trinity, Florida, packed up my belongings with the help of my dear friend Nina Lynn and drove back to Atlanta to restore my furniture in a totally new floor plan under the advice of my Feng shui master friend Katherine Graham.

At Christmas, I opened my stocking only to discover that my mother had given me a pair of dragonfly earrings!

It wasn’t lost on me that both my close friend Rama and my mother had recognized that I need Anisopteras at this time in my life.

Upon reflection this morning, I realized that even the blank journal I had grabbed off the shelf was emblazoned with a dragonfly on every other page. The journal had been given to me by my dear friend Julia Edmunds.

When I opened it, I discovered what Julia had written on a  sticky note:

“Dear Catherine, I bought this journal but never used it so I thought you might like it.”

So what medicine does dragonfly totem bless us with:

  • The pathway of transformation
  • Breaking illusions, especially illusions that prevent growth and maturity
  • Divine assistance during times of transition
  • The wisdom of enlightenment
  • Ability to communicate with the tiny spirits of plants, fairies and the elements of nature, earth, fire, wind and water
  • Living in the moment
  • Joy and lightness of being
  • Emergence of your own true colors
  • Swift adaptation to change
  • Power to escape a blow
  • Peace, prosperity and harmony

In quiet, we can embrace the messages of nature, of the divine, of our friends and loved ones.

Thank you dragonfly for speaking to me so clearly!

Image: Free Picture: DragonflyID: 102766
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