The last client of my week this past week brought me to a startling new revelation: how many of our dogs, our very best friends, are being adversely affected by EMFs, electromagnetic radiation exposure.

Dogs, like humans, are exposed to EMFs in their environment, through cellphone towers, electrical grids, microwave ovens, TV and radios. But unlike humans, dogs are often controlled by electric shock collars and underground electrical fences which expose them to shocks that affect not just their behavior but also their health.

A very good friend and professional dog trainer contacted me on Tuesday. She had just learned that her favorite pet had contracted not just one but two kinds of cancer.

The dog, who I’ll call Boo (all my clients are confidential, even the dogs!), had surgery Thursday and came to see me at the end of the day on Friday.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from a dog who had just undergone cancer surgery and had stitches on the top of her head, but suffice it to say that she (like most of my clients) was ecstatic to arrive at my house and garden. We spent a good amount of time sniffing out chipmunks and prowling the front flower beds before coming into my studio to begin the healing.

Although most of my clients are of course humans, I have done medical intuitive readings and healing work on cats, dogs, goats and horses. I have great compassion for animals because they can not exactly point out to us what hurts or what precisely they need to get better. I feel like I am their intermediary, the one who can speak up for them and help their owners understand how to get them the help they need.

I had prepared for Boo by laying yoga mats all over the carpet in my studio. Then I set up my healing table on top of the yoga mats, covered it with a flannel cloth and placed fluffy pillows on top.

My thought was for Boo’s owner, the professional dog trainer, to lie on my table and hold Boo so that I could do Reiki on the dog.

However, Boo was so happy to be at my home and garden, she was not able to settle.

I was quite patient with her as working with dogs is exactly like working with little children. You just have to go at their pace, doing the healing work as they allow and taking short breaks to play and have fun.

I brought down dog cookies, which only served to brighten her spirits even more – as if checking out the chipmunks, running after her ball and receiving Reiki weren’t exciting enough.

After about half an hour of Reiki, I recommended that the dog trainer allow me to do surrogate healing work on behalf of Boo.

A surrogate healing is when the owner or another person takes on the energy of the diseased animal, child or person in another location. I have done surrogate healings on babies in an intensive care unit in another state and all manner of pets and absent persons.

First, I clear the person who is taking on the energy. Then the person takes on the energy of the diseased animals, child or absent person and I proceed as per usual with a healing.

So here was my big revelation.

I set the goal, which was to empower Boo to heal her cancer. Then I used kinesiology to find the emotion, which was faith.

Then I asked what would heal Boo, and the number one thing that came up to help her was to clear geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress is when a person or animal is being adversely affected by stress in their environment.

It is a huge category and pertains to all manner of exposures – both manmade and natural.

I asked the dog trainer how she had come to be Boo’s owner, and she related that Boo had been abused by her previous owners. Among other things, she had been repeatedly shocked by electric collars.

I am sure that many dog owners are not aware how their dog’s health could be affected by wearing an electric shock collar or by keeping them in the yard with an electric fence.

But there it was.

Boo had been shocked so many times she had become sensitive to EMFs and was recovering from not just one cancer surgery on her head but is scheduled for another operation for cancer in her leg in two weeks.

We have to remember that our body – and the body of animals – is electrical. We all have heart rhythms and brain waves. Every biological process in the body can be disrupted by EMFs.

You can read for yourself what the National Cancer Institute has to say about EMFs at this link.

Although there are many devices that protect both pets and humans against EMF exposure, the truth is that different devices work for different individuals.

I used kinesiology to figure out which EMF device would help Boo and recommended that the dog trainer also purchase a device to measure the exact among of EMF exposure in her home, as I found that her two other dogs also had high exposure to EMFs and I did not want the dog trainer herself to become ill.

Researchers at Colorado State University of Veterinary Medicine who studied 230 dogs with lymphoma found a high correlation of cancer in those who had been exposed to high levels of EMFs. Some researchers even believe that our dogs are like canaries in coal mines and can alert us to environmental stress that may make human family members sick.

The dog trainer already knew from professional experience that both shock collars and electric fences are bad for dogs and had been strongly advising all her clients to avoid them. Now she was learning the lesson at an even deeper level.

I am always so thankful to be a medical intuitive and kinesiologist. Only by asking the body can we uncover the true root causes of illness.

Please do not use a microwave oven to defrost, cook or reheat anything that you plan to feed yourself or any of your pets.

Please stop controlling your dogs with shock collars and electric fences.

What is healing? Healing happens when we make the connection between the health of our environment and the health of our families, loved ones and pets.