I was never all that great at cleaning my house until I began to understand the importance of keeping energy clear.


Even if you are not all that wonderful at vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, folding, cleaning or organizing, if you are a healer, it is vitally important that you use energy to clear your work space daily.

Many people diffuse organic essential oils or flower essences to help them clear their space. I also use oils and flower essences to assist with space clearing. These are helpful, but these are not enough.


You have to use energy to clear energy.


I clear the energy in my studio daily, usually multiple times per day.

When I start to do healing work, the very first thing I do is clear the energy in the room.


That is because your thoughts, emotions and feelings leave an energetic residue in your environment.

People who come to work with me have all sorts of thoughts, emotions and feelings, and they leave the energy of that deep, inner work in my space.


If you are a healer of any sort and you do not have a method of clearing your work space, the thoughts, emotions and feelings of your clients will begin to congest the area. This congested energy may affect you as a practitioner and it also may affect your clients.


Let me give you a practical example.


Let’s say you are a married person, and you and your spouse have an argument about something standing in your kitchen.


The energy of that argument will be imprinted in the subtle energy of your kitchen right in that exact location.


Trust me, a highly experienced and trained dowser like myself would be able to find that energy.


Even if you could not find that energy yourself, the net sum effect of that will be to make you feel not as good if you stand in that spot once again.


This is why you can enter a space – and everything can look wonderful – but you don’t feel so good.


You may be picking up the subtle energetic impressions of the thoughts, emotions and feelings that other people have experienced in that space.


I use prayer and visualization to clear space.


Heavenly Father, I call on the forces of nature to converge to balance all detrimental energies and increase all beneficial energies in this (office/home/room, etc.) for the benefit of all living beings. I ask that this be done in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


I say this prayer either while visualizing a small cyclone spinning counter clockwise, since counter clockwise movements clear energy while clockwise movements infuse energy, OR I move my hand from one corner of the room to the next in a counter clockwise motion to clear the space.


If you come into a space where the energy has been cleared, everything will feel clean and fresh. You will be able to relax automatically. You will feel good mentally, emotionally and physically. You will be able to think clearly.


Another good example is to ask you how you feel at the beach, where the space is wide open, or on the top of the mountain. Many people feel their very best in these types of places because there is no old, congested energy affecting them psychically.


Once you have cleared the energy, you can then bless your space.


Heavenly Father, I ask that you please bless this home/room/office with peace, love, tranquility, laughter, fun, abundance, excellent health and prosperity. I ask that all living beings experience peace and love in this space. I ask that this be done in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.