In Chinese medicine, one of the key ways to remain healthy is to live in harmony with the seasons.

After the long, hot summer of 2019, I welcome the Fall Equinox this morning by opening all the windows of my home to let in the fresh air now that the morning temperatures have finally fallen below 80 degrees.

Today, the Fall Equinox of 2019, the day is equally long as the night.

This is the time to find new balance in your life.

Here’s what you need to know about the Autumn from Chinese medicine:

Primary Element – Metal. Metal element has to do with the lung and large Intestine meridians. This is a time to re-examine your relationship with money and what you value in your life. Although you would think that money has nothing to do with your health, you might be surprised to learn I have an entire manual devoted to identifying and clearing money issues. What do you really value in your life? Are you living according to your values? In other words, do you put your money and your time into what you hold most dear?

Yin Organ – Lungs. You may think you know how to breathe, but if you suffer from high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, asthma, COPD, pain or allergies, trust me, you might be shocked to learn how you can heal yourself by simply learning how to breathe better. My 9th book, The Little Book of Breathworkteaches you breathing exercises, affirmations and hand mudras that you can use anytime, anywhere, to heal yourself at very deep levels. On an emotional level, lung has to do with cheerfulness, depression, false pride, haughtiness, humility, openness, modesty, scornfulness, tolerance, prejudice, contempt and regret.  You can learn more about the emotions that affect your lungs at this link. When you inhale, are you breathing in peace, love, tranquility? When you exhale, are you letting go of sadness, grief and regrets?

Yang Organ – Large Intestine. Your large intestine is the center of your immune system. You can rebuild your GALT – your gut assisted lymphoid tissue – by taking Immunomax. As you rebuild your mucosal barrier, you increase your immunity and prepare for the cold months to come in winter. Detoxify your large intestine by taking Biodetox, 2 scoops daily, in almond, hazelnut or coconut milk. This is a good time of year to make an appointment with me to have your food sensitivities identified. On an emotional level, large intestine is about letting go. Do you joyfully release the past to make the space for change to enter? This is a good time to release grief, guilt, regret, low self esteem, depression, sadness and apathy and to cultivate compassion, enthusiasm and mercy. To learn more about the emotions that affect your lungs visit this link.

Emotional Process – Grief, sadness. As the leaves fall from the trees you may notice yourself feeling grief and sadness. This is a great time to let go of negativity. Make an appointment to clear the heaviness that weighs down your soul. I clear beliefs, emotions and thoughts that you may have been carrying your entire life!

Climate – Dryness. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated. You may be able to absorb your water better by putting a pinch of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt in your water. If you still feel dehydrated, ask me to do a medical intuitive reading of your mineral levels. If you notice muscle cramps from your knee down you may be deficient in calcium, magnesium and/or potassium.

Stage of Development – Harvest. This is a time to reflect on what you have harvested in your life up to this point. You literally reap the benefits of all you have created. Take time to celebrate your accomplishments!

Flavor – Pungent. Dark leafy greens and spicy foods such as ginger, onions, black pepper, cardamom, cayenne, cloves, mustard seeds, paprika and chiles are called for in this season.

Color – White. Although fashionistas may forbid wearing white after Labor Day, white is the healing color for Metal Element in Chinese medicine.

Sense Organs – Nose. You can use a Neti pot or a plastic squirt bottle for nasal rinses. If you notice yourself sneezing more often, this is a great strategy for self healing.

Tissues – Skin. Dry skin brushing stimulates your lymph system. You can download FREE directions about how to do a neurolymphatic massage at this article I wrote. Make an appointment to have me use kinesiology to identify which of your skin care products are actually helping and which are aggravating your skin conditions. As you are letting go, throw out old makeup, wash your makeup brushes and switch to all organic skin care products such as those created with love and kindness by our good friend Sally Larsen at Sally B’s Skin Yummies.

Sound – Groaning. Although the conventional wisdom holds that we are always supposed to think positively, part of lifting your vibration is letting go of the emotions that weigh down your soul. In Chinese medicine, specific sounds heal your organs. It’s helpful to know that groaning heals your lungs and large intestines. Yes, go ahead – give yourself permission – groan away. Actually make the sound, setting your intention to let go of grief and sadness that you may not even have words to express.

What is healing? Healing happens when you live in conscious harmony with the seasons.

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