As we practice our poses and perfect our posture in each one, our bodies become stronger.

As we flow from one pose to another, we begin to reconnect the various aspects of our personality.

As we practice our poses and flow from one to the other, the energy circulates to where ever it’s needed, and we let go of trapped emotions, physical pain and dis-ease.

As we do our postures, flow and channel our energy better, our breath heals us, mind, body and spirit.

As we do our postures, flow and channel the energy and breathe, we enjoy the quiet and find our peace.

And when all that happens, we can rediscover our inner direction.

What is inner direction?

Inner direction is your own sense of who you are, where you are and where you need to be going.

Who are you?

When we are no longer separating out our spiritual from our practical from our real feelings and our home life, we begin to see that we are actually a whole person, a real person and no longer just a mask that we are wearing for convenience in each different place.

When we know where we are, we rediscover ourselves in the here and now.

And that means we come back to our bodies.

Instead of fighting our bodies to be a different shape or size, we come to accept what our body can and can not do in this moment.

We become O.K. and at peace with it.

As we ground ourselves through our feet, we become very practical and able to literally hold our ground in any situation.

We hold our space better because we literally fill out the space where we now are instead of running away or trying to escape the present moment.

And as all this happens, accessing all of who we really are, not compartmentalizing, holding our ground and being in this moment in this body as it is, we begin to access really deep levels of our total intelligence.

And we find ourselves naturally being more intuitive.

All the chakras open and blossomed, each energy center can give us new and important information.

Our spiritual self, our vision for our life, our true voice, our heart connection, our self esteem, our sexuality and our ability to make a home and take care of our money and our practical selves all come together and we reach our full potential as human beings.

No longer content to rely merely on others for information or affirmation, we follow our own inner direction.