“All of Jesus’ healings were on the basis of removing the mental cause.” Baird T. Spalding, Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East

If I am doing a healing on literally any subject, once you set your goal in working with me the first step is always simple: find the emotion.

If you don’t find the emotion and also actually clear it, you can visit the finest acupuncturists, M.D.s, physical therapists, homeopaths, nutritionists, massage therapists, chiropractors, energy healers or you name it and your problem will come right back or never be eliminated in the first place.

Why is this so important? If you don’t clear the thought patterns that caused your illness in the first place, guess what, you may find yourself replaying that tune to one practitioner after the other with no relief.

Emotions can literally shut down any physiological process in the body.

This is why the average person who comes to see me has seen at least seven other practitioners, traditional and alternative, and I actually usually manage to get to the bottom of things and clear the issues completely.

I leave no stone unturned. And the first stone to turn over is to examine what thoughts, emotions and fears are actually behind what you are currently experiencing.

I don’t really care whether you have been in a wheelchair many years or whether you twisted your ankle, whether you have cancer for the sixth time (my company record is that I had one client who had cancer six times – you would think by the fifth time my client would have gotten tired of it), whether you are sniffling with a cold, have high cholesterol, diabetes, overweight, a bad back or a simple headache.

All of us humans have emotions. And all disease has an emotional root cause, whether or not you are consciously aware of it.

One of my clients was working diligently with me to lower her cholesterol without drugs.

Then one month she got very upset with her husband. At the end of the month, she went to get her cholesterol levels tested and the lab results showed no improvement. Stress actually makes your blood sticky. Even emotional stress alone will raise your level of inflammation, which is a primary cause of increased cholesterol and also higher pain levels.

“I had no idea that stress would do that,” she told me with great disappointment.

It wasn’t that her efforts to be a healthier person hadn’t helped. It was just that she needed to take into account just how quickly the mind can make you physically sick.

A good friend of mine helped her mother very significantly before her mother passed away last fall. Her mother wanted to die at home. So my friend, being a healer, took her mother into her home and cared for her 24/7. Meanwhile, as many as 60 people a day paraded through the house to pay their last respects.

After the passing, my friend did live blood cell analysis. My friend is ordinarily one of the healthiest people you would ever meet, and the extraordinary stress she had been under lasted only about a month, maybe six weeks if you count the time afterwards.

“I have never seen such bad blood in my life,” my friend reported to me. “This really showed me what stress can do.”

A year later, she is still recovering from the month she had her dying mother in her home.

To heal requires the courage to look underneath your mask.

Often the emotions that make you the most sick are the ones you are not acknowledging, not feeling, not resolving.

I have a huge menu for clearing emotions. Talking about them is not enough. It can be a start. But many of my clients understand their emotions backwards and forwards and are still replaying those feelings on a daily, hourly even minute-by-minute basis.

That is why I love kinesiology. I ask your soul what process you need to actually be done.

And that is why I love flower essences, which clear emotional patterns you may have been holding your entire life.

It is a challenging statement to think about, but true healing at the deepest levels requires a fundamental shift in your personality.