It is sometimes difficult to explain to other people how I do a medical intuitive reading.

One of the simplest things I do is simply to watch the energy of any situation.

This morning, I was speaking briefly with a gentleman in another country who has been concerned about his liver to the point where he has prescribed himself several rather harsh liver cleanses.

We are scheduled to have a full session on Thursday morning, but we were chatting briefly to arrange the schedule.

I tuned in to his liver and saw the energy circulating with no release.

Just like you might stir a pot of soup, the energy looked as thought it was literally circling and circling, which to me meant that he was simply aggravating his liver without actually releasing the core issues.

Too many people only look on the surface of things. If you only look on the surface, a person can appear totally pulled together while falling apart on the inside, or, conversely they could appear to be in the midst of a total breakdown while actually being on the verge of a personal breakthrough.

How do you watch energy?

Even if you are not a medical intuitive, here are a few suggestions:

1. If you are trying to read the energy between two people, see if you can tune in to watch which direction the energy is flowing. For example, one person might be giving energy and another receiving. They might be pushing towards each other or pulling away from each other. See if you can figure out the direction the energy is flowing in a relationship and that alone will tell you a lot about what is going on. I read the energy between the chakras for more detailed understanding of what the relationship is about.

2. If you are looking at an individual, watch which way the energy is flowing on the vertical plane. Is it pulling up towards the crown and out of the body or flowing down in a grounded way? Many people in our society are pulled up into their heads or barely grounded into their bodies at all. Where does the energy flow in a body and where does the energy stagnate?

3. If you are looking at an organ, sense the pulse of energy. Because organs are alive, they pulse. Healers such as craniosacral therapists are trained to feel the pulse in the brain. Reiki masters such as myself can feel the pulse in any organ. If an organ feels highly congested, the energy isn’t flowing properly and the organ will not be healthy.

4. If you are reading the energy of a business, watch the direction the energy is flowing. Is it expanding outwards or contracting inwards? Does it feel balanced or chaotic? Where does the energy feel stuck? Do the different departments within the business flow with each other or push against each other?

5. My favorite way to read a human is to read the five levels – physical, energetic, emotional, mental and physical. I simply go through the five levels and determine the level of disturbance a client is asking me to heal. I did this yesterday with a client who wants to become pregnant. We have worked on lifestyle, eating and exercise, so by this point, her physical body feels balanced but there were multiple disturbances on the mental body, which indicated that her thoughts and beliefs were actually working against her. How does the  physical body feel? What is going on with the energy of this person? How balanced are the emotions? How calm is the mind? How at peace is the soul? We all think that the physical body is the most important part of any human, but this is incorrect. Your soul controls your mind. Your mind controls your emotions. Your emotions control your energy. Your energy body controls your physical body.

What is healing? Healing happens when we learn how to be in tune within ourselves and with the world around us. As we tune in to the energy of all things, we can live and breathe in harmony with one another.