Sometimes people ask me to explain how I do a medical intuitive reading with another person I have never met, never even seen before and never put my hands on in another country.

Here’s the word: focus.

Those of us who grew up back in the day with actual radio sets knew you had to set your dial to listen to the station you preferred. If you programmed the needle to 91.1, you would get National Public Radio. 102.3 would bring you contemporary rock. Other stations broadcast country, rap, easy listening, classical.

If you didn’t quite hit the exact number of the station, your ears got blasted with static.

The truth is, you always hear what you set your dial to.

In  modern terms, if I plug into my browser, I’m not going to end up at

You can search through the internet, but to end up where you want, you have to be specific.

So it is with intuition.

In spiritual terms, where ever your mind goes, that’s where your soul follows.

Every moment of every day, your mind chooses whether you focus on the angelic or the demonic, on your life’s blessings or your tragedies, on the flashes of insight or the reminders of trouble.

It’s all here.

It’s simply a question of what you focus on.

If I am thinking of a person in Germany, my mind directs my soul to that individual.

Then, if I am doing a medical intuitive reading, I simply read through the different levels of that person’s body – the physical body, the energy system, the emotions, the mind’s beliefs and thoughts and finally into the eternal soul.

I go into the file and look around.

I telescope in or zoom out to a wide angle.

It’s just like if you look around a room.

If you look into your refrigerator, you probably don’t notice the picture hanging on the wall.

If you examine the framed photograph on the wall, you probably don’t observe the dust on the carpet.

If you inspect the swath of dust across the floor, you may not spy the leak in the ceiling.

And so on.

You must direct your attention into each particular area to receive the essential information.

Frankly, I never recognized how much the ability to focus came into play until other people asked me to explain how I did what I did.

To me, at this point, medical intuitive reading has become such second nature I have to slow down to be able to explain all the steps.

You may not recognize how your mind shifts from one topic to the next, from one location to the next – often in a rapid succession.

One of the best ways to observe what your mind actually does is by the regular practice of meditation.

Personally, I seldom reflect on how wide ranging my thoughts have become until I sit and draw my awareness inward.

You can learn how to focus your attention, particularly on any subject that ignites your curiosity.

The more I care, the more inquisitive I become, the more that gets revealed.

I love taking photographs with my iPhone because the practice of capturing moments of grace connects me deeply with the world around me.

Peering into the flowers in my neighbors’ garden, I discover a butterfly.

As I witness the butterfly, I admire the patterns of colors across its wingspan, watching its antennae smelling the freshness  of the bloom.

This exactly expresses the focus required for a medical intuitive reading.

Love draws us into the beauty of the world, into the wonder of miraculous creation.

The more we pay attention, the closer our focus, the more that gets revealed to us, uncovering all the delightful surprises in greater and greater depth.