I lifted weights this morning. Russian twist with a medicine ball was one of my exercises.

I wish all women would lift weights.

If all women lifted weights, they would not only be strong, they would have a healthier metabolism. They would look the way they really want to look. They would be a lot more self confident. It wouldn’t be a struggle for them to maintain their weight. And they might actually eventually get over the struggle of trying to look different. It’s a paradox – they would look much better but be more at peace with who they are inside and out.

Eventually, if you lift weights consistently enough, you get over all that.

I am a water body type, which means that I do great with yoga, tai chi and qi gong. I teach yoga and qi gong and I am studying tai chi. But I STILL lift weights.

I like chocolate and white wine. But I STILL juice kale, celery and apple on a regular basis.

I love to lie in my hammock and stare off into the trees, but I STILL make myself do some form of exercise virtually every day of my life.

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