I love making women strong.

Tonight was an all-girls yoga class. We had Neil (the mother), Johanna (the daughter), Virginia, Genia, Alba, Maureen, Cindy and me.

The research shows that if you hold yoga poses for 72 seconds, you will strengthen your bones to such an extent that the scientific research shows you can reverse osteoporosis and osteopenia.

We did dolphin pose five times for 1 minute 30 seconds each time, interspersed with stretches for the neck, shoulders, chest and upper back.

We also worked through a series of back exercises that strengthen the side body, culminating with side arm balance.

Most exercise programs neglect the side body.

I like to explore the body from many different angles. As we activate areas that are commonly neglected, we move out of our comfort zone and process emotional issues that have been deeply buried in the body.