The only reason we ever really want anything is to be happy.

So you want a new job, for example. If you ask yourself why, your reasoning could go something like this – to be closer to home, to less of a commute, to have a better boss, to make more money, to have more balance, to have more meaning. And all that so you can be happy or happier.

Yesterday, I had a phone session with a client in another city.

For the first time in 12 years, she has a relationship with a partner who loves her.


Loving and being loved are two of the most important things you will ever do as a human being here on earth.


I was so happy for her. I could see she had made great strides in her physical health and energy just since finding love.


I recommended that my client spend more time with her new partner, even if that meant missing her regular adjustments on Saturdays with her chiropractor.


We can’t solve our problems at the same level of consciousness that created them.


And sometimes that means getting out of our own energy field and going into the energy field of love, even if that means getting on a train and commuting.


Whenever possible, the short cut is always to go straight for happy.


In the work that I do, I sometimes figure out for each client what they can do to raise their consciousness so quickly and easily that it lifts their spirit and raises their vibration.


For one person, it was playing the piano.


For another, writing poetry.


For another, having enough sex.


For me, it has been being with my dog Belle, sitting in my hot tub, knitting or beading.


It may not seem on the surface to be a spiritual activity, but anything that raises your vibration is huge for your soul and huge for your physical health.


Illness is simply slowed down vibration.


Most healers and healing energy exist at a very high vibration.


When you shift your vibration upwards, you decrease the likelihood that you will be sick, tired or depressed.


Anything that fills your heart will support your thymus gland, which is one of the controllers of your immune system.


Whenever possible, take the short cut.


Go straight for happy.