So I was completely prepared for my talk at the Unity Church of the Mountains in Blairsville, Georgia, this morning – or so I thought.

I wrote a rough draft of my talk, then I got up in the middle of the night in the wee hours of Friday morning to refine it.

I printed out not one but four copies of my talk, put a copy in my purse and then put another copy in my computer bag, which I brought to church with me – just in case because you never know!

When I got to the church, I received a copy of the bulletin, as per usual, so that I could follow along with the order of service.

I put my bulletin on top of my carefully stapled copy of my talk, then got all wired up with a microphone before sitting down in a large chair to the right of the pulpit.

At the appointed time, I got up to lead the meditation. So far, so good, I thought. I hadn’t written out my meditation as I didn’t really know that I was supposed to lead one. I just listened and allowed the words to flow through me.

Then – when it was time for me to give my talk – I pulled out my copy of the talk and realized that I had very carefully printed out the WRONG version of my sermon! I had printed out the first draft, or some other draft – not the one I had been up for hours working on in the middle of the night.

There was nothing to do but have a laugh at myself!

I got the joke immediately – I wasn’t supposed to use notes, to read from a text or to hammer out the words I had so carefully put together.

I was supposed to talk from my heart.

And that’s exactly what I did.

“Obviously this is not the talk I am supposed to give this morning,” I said.

So much of life, we plan, we fret, we schedule, we buy our life insurance policies, save and invest, we try to make ourselves FEEL safe by attempting to future maneuver ourselves.

But at the end of the day, there is nothing more powerful than letting go and letting God.

The irony of it all was that as I was sitting there in the big chair thinking things over before I walked to the podium, I remembered reading Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power Vs. Forceand how he talked about how our will power can vary, depending on what is going on with us emotionally at any given moment.

But when we align our will with God’s will, there is nothing more powerful than that.

What is healing?
Healing happens when we show up and allow our ego mind to get out of the way!