Last night, I attended a gong meditation held by Destini Adams in Hiawassee, Georgia.

Destini has practiced massage for 18 years, including about five years in Hiawassee. One day she was rummaging through a music store when she came upon her first gong, a large circular metal disk hanging from a wooden frame that you hit with a rubber mallet.

The music store owners directed her to a gentleman who was moving to Canada. He owned about 80 gongs. She went to his home and immediately fell in love with one of his largest gongs. Her husband bought it for her 50th birthday.

Even though she had never played a gong before, she began collecting them, along with an assortment of other unusual musical instruments from as far away as Australia and as close as a local toy store.

She devised a unique system of meditation. Her client lies on a bed while she plays the instruments in succession while leading a guided visualization.

One of the primary psychic gifts is what is called intuition. Most people think of intuition as a general term for extra sensory perception. But specifically intuition is about reception of information as sounds, waves or words.

People who are high in intuition can be healed by sound.


Sound healing is very interesting. Anything and everything has a vibration.

For example, drugs have a vibration.

Nutritional supplements have a vibration.

Herbs have a vibration.

Scientific research shows you can either give a person the drug, the vitamin, the herb or the vibration, and either one will work.


But unlike drugs, vitamins or herbs, sound healing works at an even deeper level, specifically the spiritual level.


So when you listen to sound healing music, your entire mind-body-spirit can come into a deeper harmony.


I myself have a set of tuning forks in my office. Not everybody needs them, but people who are high in the psychic gift of intuition respond especially well to them. I have used them to get rid of every kind of physical pain imaginable, to balance the chakras and to integrate the mind-body-spirit.


Like every other form of alternative healing, the details are quite specific. Different musical notes balance different chakras, organs or emotions.


When I went to visit Destini for a massage, I noticed her gong collection in the waiting area. After my deep tissue massage, she told me she leads guided meditations while playing her gong collection.


Last night, I took my dog Belle and a good friend. It was the most unusual and one of the deepest meditations I have ever experienced.


Even though Destini was playing her instruments just a few feet from where I lay, I immediately went into a very deep trance, interrupted only at the beginning when Belle started growling when Destini hit the largest gong.


I encouraged little Belle to lie on the bed next to me and petted her until she settled down. Then we all went into a very deep state, only to be interrupted when Destini said it was time to open our eyes.


Before I went, I asked for guidance about whether or not to take Belle. After all, not many dogs attend meditation sessions.


I got a definite yes, that it was in Belle’s highest best interests to attend. She has had trouble with her ears ever since I got her from the Atlanta Pet Rescue. I have spent a small fortune working to heal her ears, and clean them carefully every morning.


Destini likes dogs and agreed for Belle to attend so long as I promised not to tell her husband Daniel, an acupuncturist.


I felt like I had attended the finest symphony and received a sound healing bath at the same time.


As we drove away last evening, I could feel the continued reverberations of the sound vibration in my brain.