Barrie Moore of Lincoln, England, emailed me awhile back and asked me to write a blog post about grounding.

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In Chinese medicine, there are five elements – fire, earth, metal, water, wood. Any system that is missing the earth element will be inherently unbalanced.


If you think of grounding from a vertical perspective, in a perfect world we ground to the earth and extend our energies upwards to the heavens. If you reach towards God but forget where you are, you can literally go crazy.


Many people in our society spend a good portion of their days literally every day disconnected from their physical body, up in their heads, floating around through their idea space.


There are many problems associated with being ungrounded:

If you are ungrounded, you will have trouble manifesting what you really want in life.

If you are not fully in your body, you will not be fully protected, as other energies can easily interfere on literally any level of your being.

If you are not fully rooted, you can easily be pushed around in an argument or a literal, physical fist fight. You could be strong as an ox but unable to access your full mind-body intelligence.

If you are not fully grounded, you have lost a good portion of your awareness and will not be fully conscious of what is happening all around you.

If you have not made a good connection to your physical body, you will have lost touch with a lot of what we are here to do, as we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience.

You may have poor balance and fall or trip easily.

You may experience anxiety or light headedness, especially in places with high EMFs, such as airports, around computers, microwaves or cell phones.


Here are a few simple ways to get grounded:

  • Go barefoot whenever possible.
  • Imagine three nails in each of your feet nailing you to the earth – big toe, pad of the big toe and heel.
  • Visualize yourself with your back to a venerable tree. Imagine the roots reaching down deep into the earth, and meld your own mind deep into the roots of your tree.
  • In any moment, ask yourself where you actually are. Where ever your mind is, that is where your spirit has really gone. Imagine pulling yourself back fully into your body, into the now. Call your spirit back home.
  • Practice some form of exercise on a daily basis. This is critical. If you don’t exercise regularly, you will just be dragging around your body but have no real connection or happy relationship with it.
  • Eat red meat. The most ungrounded people I know are full fledged vegetarians.
  • Spend time in nature away from cell phones, computers or other electronic gadgets.
  • Spend time in your garden. If you live an apartment, get a plant and spend time tending it.
  • Give yourself permission to spend time in nature whenever possible. Go for a hike, climb a mountain, walk barefoot on a beach, sit beside a quiet lake.
  • Wear the color red, which energizes the first chakra, or the color brown, which energizes the earth chakra.

Thank you Barrie Moore for asking!