Sarah (not her real name) was a beautiful woman inside and out.

For the past several decades, she had been sharing her vision of the beauty she saw in the spiritual world through stunning paintings, drawings and pastels.

Through her connection to the spiritual world she had developed an uncanny ability to see angels.

As talented as she was, as appreciated as she was, she had been struggling for well over a decade with cancer.

The countless doctor visits, the endless treatments, the mounting bills had taken their toll.

Despite her strong spiritual connection she wasn’t sure she wanted to keep putting up with the struggle to get well and the seemingly insurmountable money pressure to pay for it all.

Sarah reached out to me for a medical intuitive reading.

“You have not fully accepted your incarnation in this body in this lifetime,” I explained to her.

For as long as she could remember, she had been ambivalent.

The spiritual world appeared so glorious to her.

In this world, she saw endless difficulty.

The cancer and her apparent inability to get well despite consulting supposedly the best specialists were mere manifestations of this life-long uncertainty about whether or not to be here now.

I recommended she do deep healing work to fully accept her life.

Once she did, I told her, the good intentions of all the doctors, energy healers and naturopaths she had consulted could be accepted all the way down to her cellular level.

If you have been struggling to get well despite all your best efforts, be honest with yourself and admit whether or not you have fully accepted your life.

Do you really want to be here?

Do you truly recognize how important it is for your soul to be here now?

Your body doesn’t have to be perfect, your life path doesn’t have to be easy.

Once you fully comprehend that your soul chose to be here now you can move ahead at an accelerated pace.

To heal your body, to heal your life, you must be able to ground your energy to the earth, fully accepting – possibly even celebrating – your incarnation in your body in this lifetime.

Until you do, you may manifest one ailment after the next.

Why wait until you are on your deathbed to accept the gift of life?

Why hesitate until some doctor tells you it’s almost over before you look around you to notice the tremendous beauty and wonder that is all around you, every single day of your life?

A bee stroking the petals of a rose.

The quiet sunrise over a forest of trees.

Your puppy licking your face.

A baby’s smile. 

The vast ocean lapping a beach.

A thundercloud gathering in the distance.

An owl hooting at dusk.

It’s all here if you take a moment to notice!

Grounding your energy to the earth sends a strong message that you choose to be here, right now, no matter what.

Bring it all on!

You accept your ticket to ride as many years around the sun as your earthly body will take you.

“Thank you God!” you can say to yourself when you acknowledge the miracle of your birth.

You may not have considered how passionate your soul was to choose to be alive at this particular point in history.

Your soul made a conscious decision to be here now.

Can you take a moment even to consider why? 

Recognizing the blessing of being alive, you can move ahead on your healing journey, knowing that your life is not a mistake and that every breath you take is worth celebrating.

What is healing? Healing happens when you fully embrace your incarnation in your body in this lifetime.

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