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Heal Your Neck And Shoulder Pain Naturally

Posted on Aug 4, 2011 by in Blog | 0 comments

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Wouldn’t you like to learn how to get rid of neck and shoulder pain naturally, without having to go to the chiropractor or get a massage or even do any stretching?

That’s exactly what we did in my qi gong class yesterday.

I taught everybody how to release the triple warmer acupuncture meridian.

This was not a qi gong exercise. I frequently interrupt the exercise portion to teach simple, quick energy healing techniques. That way my students learn how to heal themselves, anytime anywhere, with no equipment.

It is important for me as a medical intuitive not just to find out what is wrong with people, but to empower my clients to know what to do to feel better, no drugs, no surgery.


Many people give up hope because they do not understand how their body really works. They don’t understand their metabolism, their energy system, their muscles or what will actually work to make them better. That is the gift I like to give.


Ellie Richards told me that when she came to class, her neck and shoulder pain were at a level of 5 out of 10, with zero being no pain.

After doing the triple warmer release, she had NO pain!


Ellie turned to her friend Serey Andree, who teaches with her at the Atlanta Speech School when they are not on summer break. “We will be doing this one a lot when we get back to school.”


Here is the technique.

Step one. Put your hands on either side of the outer edge of your eyebrows. Trace a simple arcing line down to the outside of your ears. Repeat. Keep flushing with both hands, brushing from the outside of the eyebrows to the ears.


Step two. Now trace from the outside of the eyebrows to in front of the ears over the ears. Repeat. Keep flushing with both hands, brushing from the eyebrows to the ears and over the ears.


Step three. Now trace from the outside of the eyebrows to in front of the ears over the ears and down to the back of your shoulders. Repeat.


What you will feel: As you pass your hands, you will probably feel tingly and increased relaxation.


How this works: This exercise flushes the triple warmer meridian. When you are stressed, the triple heater meridian steals chi from other meridians in the body. You may notice that your shoulders are tightening up and riding up closer to your ears.


The triple heater is also sometimes called the San Jiao meridian. On an emotional level, it has to do with being in harmony. Are you in harmony with yourself? Are you in harmony with the world around you?


You can use this affirmation: I AM IN HARMONY WITH THE FLOW OF LIFE.


Most of the time, for us to be in harmony, we need to slow down and get in touch with how we really feel.




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