From time to time I meet other people who want to be medical intuitives.

One lady came to me for a few sessions. She wasn’t making a living in real estate. She told me that people were always asking her about their health, so she figured I could just explain to her what I do in a few sessions and then she could take off on her own side business. She kept reminding me that she didn’t have much money, so I should just cough up all my supposed secrets in a very short period of time so she could get on with making her own money. Didn’t I have just a few books I could recommend reading so she could just get the whole thing down pat?

Then I met a lady who was writing her thesis about visual symbols in medical intuition. She was a very intelligent person and I am sure she is writing a very impressive paper.

But I thought, “There’s a difference between being able to write a paper and being able to actually heal someone.”

I wrote a lot of long, boring papers when I was an undergraduate at Brown University. I love to learn, and I don’t mind writing, but the thought of compiling yet more footnotes and bibliographies stops me cold.

Of course, I wrote a book, Healing Depression: A Holistic Guide (New York: Marlowe and Co., 1997) that had its own painstaking bibliography, so you could say that I have done my time as a writer. Not to mention the 12 plays I wrote, which, thank God, didn’t require any footnotes or bibliography.


But once again, there’s a big difference between reading or writing about medical intuition or healing work and actually being able to heal someone.


As they say, the map is not the territory.


My favorite author, Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., author of Power Vs. Force, wrote about how he once ran a huge clinic. He said there were people there with multiple initials behind their name who couldn’t get anybody better, and then there were others with just the bare minimum credentials who could get anybody better.


Dr. Hawkins attributes whether or not a person can get results as a healer to a person’s level of consciousness. That means, if you are serious about being a healer, you have to get very serious about doing your own deep spiritual work, because otherwise you aren’t going to be able to make a difference.


Dr. Hawkins also says that whether or not a client gets side effects from a drug has to do with the intention of the practitioner who gave it to them.


In other words, a person with a high level of consciousness will be able to get someone better and their clients will have virtually no side effects from the remedies that person gave them.


About a week ago, I saw a little boy, age 2. He came to my office with his mother and his older brother. His big brother said, “He has a boo-boo on his tummy.” That meant that my little client had a skin rash so bad all over his body that he had actual scabs on his belly. His swim teacher had banned him from their lessons until his skin could clear up.


My little client and his brother ran around my office. It’s hard for little kids to sit still, as everybody knows. When I am working with little children, I do a little healing work, then let them run around, pet my dog, play with balls, take a little break and then we get back to work. This keeps everybody relaxed and on track, even if the whole scene appears slightly chaotic with all the toys, snacks and healing tools scattered all over the floor of my studio.


The solution was rather complicated. He had food sensitivities. He needed supplements. He was suffering from a virus and I had to do a healing to clear it. There were also environmental sensitivities, as he was reacting to something in his house.


He accidentally hit his mother in the chin. His brother wanted to go outside and explore my garden. He didn’t want to sit on my table and be healed, he really wanted to play with the balls and pick up the rocks in my window.


At the end, because everybody was relatively well-behaved, everybody got gluten-free rice krispy treats brought by the little boys’ mother. The last piece of rice krispy treat fell to the ground and was given to my dog Belle. Belle lifted her paw for the boys to shake it, and then everybody piled into the family van, exhausted.


If you had been a fly on the wall watching this entire so-called healing experience, it would have looked like a big baby sitting job, not like anything special was actually happening.


Less than a week later, I got an email yesterday from his mother that his skin problems are almost all gone. “His skin began improving overnight and is almost entirely cleared up now,” his mother wrote to me.


Today, I got a call from a long-term client about her sister in New Jersey. Apparently her sister has been suffering from a long list of complicated symptoms, has been working with a homeopath and changed her diet but is still struggling. My client knew that I could help and gave a ring.


One of the ways you can really tell what a person values in life is how they spend their time and money, what they read and what they think about.


I am always devouring different books about healing, going to different seminars, reading about various remedies, conditions and studying the body from every possible angle.


Just this past weekend, for fun, I was thumbing through a huge tome by Michael Lincoln, Messages From The Body, about the emotional correlations with countless different conditions, and his companion book, What’s Happening To Me? I saw these books on a friend’s shelf and immediately pulled them out and started pouring over them.


At the end of the day, when I hear about someone like my little boy client getting better, I feel a tremendous sense of joy and accomplishment. I feel this literally from head to toe.


I complete my day thinking about all the people who came to see me and now feel better, and that makes me really really happy.